Nintendo Responds to NPD: Smash Sells 1.2 Mil, Still No Mention of Bayonetta 2

"Earlier today, NPD released its results for software sales during the month of October. Although we know that Super Smash Bros took second place overall, Nintendo just released a statement regarding NPD for the month of October" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Well, Bay 2, from the latest estimate reports, is just shy of 300K in sales, not including digital.
Its first week out-did the original Bayonetta, and it hasn't even hit its first Christmas yet, whilst it took about half a year for the original's sales to climb up to a respectable range with two consoles to sell to.

If the sales trend for the game stays at a consistent pace of at least 50K per month, at the lowest, for the next few months, it'll easily breach the 500K range inside of half a year, and will be well on its way to hitting the 1M goal.

Though given its quality, I hold high hopes that Bay 2 will sell more than 50K on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Kevlar0091286d ago

For some reason I still havevn't picked it up, guess I'm just too lazy. My natural instinct is to wait for a sale, as I do with most video games.

gamer78041286d ago

Its a fantastic game, it feels great and will make you laugh.

Feriku1286d ago

Come on, you're getting two games for the price of one, that's like a built in sale!

I pre-ordered it to show support and expected to just toss it onto my pile until sometime in the distant future. But then I decided to give the first game a try... It's awesome, and people say the second is even better!

mcstorm1286d ago

I agree. I really want this game but I have too many games and too little time to play them.

At this moment in time I have Mario 3D word, Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD, Mario Kart 8, Splinter Cell, Heal MCC, Forza 5, Horizon 2, DK and MGS to get through but once I have got through them ill be picking Bay 2 up I played the demo and was hocked.

Utalkin2me1286d ago

Obviously you have to little time to play. Considering some of those games are over a year old and pretty short.

Lilrizky1286d ago

I was the same, i was like "meh" bayonetta 2 i will play it when i have nothing to play...

but honestly, it's the best game of all the september-november games so far

mcstorm1286d ago

@Utalkin2me Yeah I do at the moment Hockey has taken over my life out side work but once things settle down ill be having some big gaming sessions haha.

@Lilrizky yeah I really enjoyed the Demo cant wait to pick it up.

Feriku1286d ago

I have many more games lined up than that, but Bayonetta has been pushed to the top of the list because I tried the first game and loved it too much to put it down.

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marloc_x1286d ago

Surpassed Bayonetta 1 with a massive difference in respective install bases :)

animegamingnerd1286d ago

really, really really hoping that Bayonetta 2 isn't overtracked big time by VGChartz.

ritsuka6661286d ago

Vg chatz is NOT reliable site.

wonderfulmonkeyman1286d ago

For accurate numbers, no.
But they consistently hit ball-park figures that can give people an idea of what to expect.

lelo2play1286d ago

I guess Nintendo won't fund Bayonetta 3.

ritsuka6661286d ago

So Bayo 2 sell around 70 acording crweamsugar user of Neo gaf site.

Originally Posted by ethomaz

So B2 ~70k.

Not bad but not good.

wonderfulmonkeyman1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

It's selling to one console and its first week of sales paced faster than the original release's first week.
Considering the smaller fan-base it's now selling to and the fact that #1 Platinum never really sells huge numbers and #2 it's after the initial release burst, how is keeping up to 70K during its next week not a good thing?
I mean, granted, an instant million seller would have been nice, but if it keeps that pace up, it could reach that half-million I talked about in no time.

Adolph Fitler1286d ago

I got it, haven't even played it yet, as I wanna finish part 1 first, BUT, I will always support great developers that give me great games....And the fact I only paid $69au for it, & it also comes packaged with Bayonetta 1....That is unbelievable value for money, & even though I already have pt.1 on PS3, it is still awesome to have again (especially if reworked), along with pt.2, which should have sold over 1 million by now, on it's own merits..
The fact is though, it will unfortunately be LUCKY to hit that mark, as history shows, the masses of Nintendo consumers, stick with Nintendo MADE games... I'm not trying to be a negative nancy either, as that is just the way it seems to be with Nintendo's majority of owners. It doesn't help, also, that Nintendo have done a Sony & failed to market the game, as they would a 1st party title....

Just like Sony, with Resistance 3, Nintendo have not only failed to market the game in any substantial way, BUT, they have done there Nintendo thing & trounced the game, by releasing Smash Bro's CLOSE to B2's release, & they have not failed to market there own game.

Sony, & even moreso, Nintendo need a major boot up the anus for this lack of marketing to 3rd party exclusives... Take a note from MS's book, & see what they have done with Sunset Overdrive's MASSIVE marketing push... I mean, admittedly, unlike Ninty & Sony, MS really have a lackluster 1st party lineup, so Insomniacs game was there great white hope....But still, I bought my XBOne thanks to Sunset Overdrive mainly for now, & I was anti ever buying another MS console....So marketing, combined with a great developer once again delivering a great product is huge.

mydyingparadiselost1286d ago

Honestly I was surprised how much Bayo got marketed by Nintendo. They had a commercial running, they had YouTube ads they had magazine ads, the Nintendo site, the WiiU eShop, a Demo and a Direct. Unfortunately, even a multi million dollar ad campaign could only sell so much, and this is a niche genre from a niche company on a niche platform. It will hit a million sales, but it's going to take time, games like this have legs as long as Bayos ;)

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