Unreal Tournament 3 -- why is no one playing?

PS3 Fanboy: "An editorial over at Strategy Informer by Marco Fiori attempts to answer a simple but important question: why is no one playing Unreal Tournament 3? At one point, we were all excited about this quasi-PS3-timed-exclusive (it was first released on PS3 and PC, with the 360 version to be released nine months later); being part of the legacy that is the Unreal franchise, it will prove the PS3 can handle the hardcore FPS genre."

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lovedaddy3827d ago

Next to CoD4 it just seemed dull. Not enough servers, and half the weapons felt pointless without a mouse and keyboard.

I purchased it hoping the M/K support would be good enough to almost play it like a PC FPS - sadly, it was dire. Laggy, and generally unplayable.

Only game I've purchased for my PS3 that I've traded in to date.

GVON3827d ago

I got bored after a week of playing, sometimes I wish I kept it just for the buzz of another new map/mod but I wasn't worth the 5 minutes of fun that would bring.

boodybandit3827d ago

and Epic hasn't evolved UTs with the times. Same chaotic, fast paced, run and gun game.

I picked up a mouse and keyboard setup for it on my PS3. Played it for a few weeks and it felt the like the same old UT.

I agree with Rick.
I just got bored with it quick!

Violater3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

-Developer support was embarrassingly lacking

-The UT3 universe and Story has potential bt the Single player was a JOKE and a very bad one at that.

-The Multiplayer offered no incentive to keep playing, no real rank system, party support or unlockables. Just run bang bang bang jump spam rocket rinse repeat.

-Voice chat did not work from the get go.

Rumble support was good though, best among FPS presently on the PS3 I would say.

Mods are a plus but a pain to install, and the visuals were hit and miss, looks better when you are hosting.

Months after the crappy server issues have not been worked out.

deeznuts3827d ago

I got bored after playing for a couple of hours.

mikeslemonade3827d ago

I got bored of COD4 after a month and then played UT3 for like 3 months. There's no one playing UT3 anymore besides the default maps and the default weapons. It's fun when someone included modded maps, the 3rd person cam, and sometimes there's rockets-only matches that are fun too.

I blame you guys for me not playing. If there were more people playing I would play because frankly every other shooter out there already has gotten boring.

I guess it isn't until the Socom beta before we have some more online shooting fun.

Armyless3827d ago

Mouse Lag

(and yes I know about the tweak)

Palodios3827d ago

The game was really lacking some meat and bones. The storyline was a poor attempt to add something to UT, no offline multiplayer, leaving only online multiplayer. Unreal multiplayer is usually a blast, but 5 game modes, no new weapons, and while beautiful, the maps were completely forgettable, and I had tons of connection issues. An online-only game with connection issues and not many options? No wonder it sold so little and so few people are playing it in face of the competition.

Kaneda3827d ago

I didn't get bored, but its just not as good as COD4.

JsonHenry3827d ago

The game is the SAME game it was back in 2000!! That is why. No one wants the same weapons, the same style, and the same boring gameplay for 8 years in a row!

That is why it sold so poorly on the PC platform. We were bored with it BEFORE it came out.

MikeGdaGod3827d ago

well i only bought it to show support to the devs for adding mods. i don't really like FPS anyway, especially one that's only worth playing online.

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resistance1003827d ago

The lego mod was fun for about a day, then after that there was no real reason to play it

BSigel813827d ago

I traded it in for COD4

Statix3827d ago

The mods, I feel are a problem, because the sheer number of available game modes disperse and spread thin the player count too much. Additionally, people get bored of the vanilla built-in gametypes precisely because of the variety they experience with the mods.

Take it from COD4 as a lesson--that game only has essentially 3 game types, and deathmatch.