Far Cry 4 on PS4 – Bullshots VS. Actual in-game graphics comparison

Far Cry 4 for PS4 is set in the beautiful, lush Kyrat. This exotic open world is packed with details and atmosphere but Ubisoft has been known for bending the truth when it comes to releasing bullshots.

How well do these bullshots that promoted the game hold up to the actual in-game PS4 graphics? Let’s have a look.

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shloobmm31345d ago

could be pc version, they are comparing them to the ps4

Assassingamer1361345d ago

Pc? Do you know what a bullshot is?

Ezz20131345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Ubisoft never lie
Here are the top true and real comments from them:

"We are not downgrading the us"
"We aim for parity because we care"
"We will use every system to it's limit"
"Pc version will play great with no problems"

and they didn't lie
they delivered on all of that

Sashamaz1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I know everyone is on the Ubisoft hate train but to be honest the after pics look better for me, for example in the first picture there is depth of field and overall the lighting is just better and you can see this on the elephant, the green reflection from the water and almost blue like tint at the top side.

Look at the man with the passport, lighting is better there is more contrast, you can see the dust particles even the textures look better, this is not bad at all I don't know what people are going crazy about also remember farcry uses the cryengine not Ubisoft's in house engine that they used on Assassin's Creed Unity

PS. the monkey the fur oh man that looks so good

thereapersson1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Assassingamer136, technically bullshots are rendered on a PC so he's not entirely wrong. He was trolling blatantly, however, so you were still right to get on him about it.

Dasteru1344d ago


Lol yeah, they delivered on all 4 of those despite the fact that 2 of them are in direct conflict.

morganfell1344d ago

Eventually someone will mount a court case that will actually gain some traction and that will be the end of this kind of corporate lying...for a while.

breakpad1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

why people keeps bothering with Ubisoft titles ..i consider them C grade material even below the budget japan titles for 3ds/Vita (actually these titles have some work on them..Ubicraps titles dont)

listenkids1344d ago

Ignore these cretins, the original shots are from PC. But as it's in no way hating on Ubisoft, it's obviously bullshit.

BallsEye1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

funny how everyone jump on ubisoft now for "bullshots" but sony was doing it for years (hello killzone, uncharted, driveclub,deep down etc etc) Why I bring up sony? Cause it's most loved company on n4g. One that in the eyes of it's fans never do anything wrong.

remember that?

even kz on ps4 still doesn't reach that level. Uncharted?

Did anyone cry around here? Nope. Did I see articles about the downgrade? Nope. Were those games downgraded in the name of parity too?

Lovely n4g community...fact is, these games are still beautiful, so stop this nonsense unless you gonna also stop with your double standards. You people are unbelievable.

moegooner881344d ago

Ballseye Chole looks nothing like this in the retail version. Try harder troll

mabreu1344d ago

It looks like the art direction changed in the retail version. The "Bullshot" pics look sharp and colorful but at the same time, they look really flat. The in game pics look better too me just not as sharp.

mp12891344d ago

Its like comparing a last gen game with a current gen game. The ps4 version of last of us looks better than all these images. Ubisoft sucks.

ShinMaster1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

@ shloobmm3

The PC version of Far Cry 3 looked worse than the trailer too.
These were bullshots.

@ BallsEye

Nice try fanboy. Those pictures are from a cutscene. Not actually in-game.
Uncharted 3's in-game graphics improved in the final game.

Can't say the same about this though:
The Xbox couldn't handle those graphics and they still showed it off.

thorstein1344d ago

There is a vid comparison of the Xone and the PS4 here:

Though the PS4 version isn't as pretty as the pics above, it also isn't as abysmal as the pics above.

Myze1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )


Bringing up the Killzone 2 2005 trailer as a way to say Sony gets away with bullshots/videos is a very poor example. Maybe you conveniently want to forget to get your point across, but Guerrilla and Sony took more flak for that video than probably any bullshot video in the history of video games. (As for your comment about KZ:SF not reaching that level, you are blind. There are techniques used in the prerendered video that can't be duplicated, but overall SF is, and should be, a vastly more visually impressive game.)

As for the Uncharted pic, someone has already mentioned it, but that comparison pic has been around for a long time, and mostly people (apparently not you) know that it's complete crap, because the final build never looks that off. I don't know what was settled, but I'm guessing it was because the "final build" pic was taken from a really crappy TV source.

Anyway, you are clearly a troll, but try and bring up references that aren't 5+ years old next time to prove your attempt at causing a stir.

darthv721344d ago

@shinmaster, which is which on those uncharted pics? to me its more a difference in the brightness.

UltimateMaster1344d ago

That's complete BS.

That pic: is completely fake.

It was made by a troll who made a screenshot of a video of ND showing off how they created U3.

Killzone 2 actually looks even better than the E3 2005 trailler. It's different and they had to change it since they changed the main character from Jade Templar to Sev.

UltimateMaster1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

That first image was clearly taking in like 20k resolution, easily possible when taken as an image.
The after one was blurred out a lot.
At least it's just the intro screen.

Man with passport
Looking out the window looks awful on both pics, getting it blurred is a bit better, but not much.
Man looks alike, but it's too dark in the after image to see the crate and loot.

Monkey's fur looks more like actual fur in the after image. Monkeys don't look like the first one.

The before resolution is superior, but the shadows in the after are better placed.

ShinMaster1339d ago

@ darthv72

Obviously not. Look at the shadow going across Drake's face from the top of his forehead. It's nonexistent on the earlier build.

And on the second pic you can clearly see sharper more defined textures on the road. And those are just some of the more noticeable differences.

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radler1345d ago

Hahaha, surprise surprise yet another Ubisoft game looks absolutely nothing like the advertisements. Anybody who buys FarCry 4 or any other Ubisoft games is utterly retarded.

JWiLL5521345d ago

Settle down. It will still look good.

Why are people acting like touched up screens are something new?

Far Cry 3 was great.

SonyKong641345d ago

though far cry 3 was absolutely amazing..

I think you might be the one that just went full retard.. never go full retard 😱

Clunkyd1345d ago

If the framerate is like AC unity then screw them, if the game is playable I couldn't care less about a visual downgrade. I play video games to have fun in the end.

Malphite1345d ago

Don't throw bricks when you live in a glass house.

tlougotg1344d ago


See how ppls opinions are so different, i thought Farcry3 was garbage and the MP was horrendous. What thy tried to pass off as console gameplay graphics for Far Cry3 ended up being notjing like final product, especially MP. Ubisoft been banned in my house thy suck!

1344d ago
DanteVFenris6661344d ago

Why do people hate on Ubisoft. There ten fold better then activision and ea who shoot out the same trash every year. Same ugly graphics same boring gameplay. Ubisoft at least changes it up. Assasins creed is different in every entry. Farcry as well is different from series to series. Ubisoft also redoes models after every couple year unlike activisions cod where it looks only slightly better then 10 years ago. Or ea and their sport games looking identical for a whole gen, even this gen they are still the same as last gen

abstractel1344d ago

Playing Unity, I don't know if you are?, but it's freakin' gorgeous. Some sections are better than the in-game trailers, art wise. Yeah the crowd popping is annoying, rushed out for the Holidays, but it's also mighty impressive at times. I'll judge when I play FC4 for myself.

The elephants, one has DOF on it the other one doesn't. Lower resolution textures _could_ also be in the PS4 build but a lot of the blurring is from the DOF.

The other three shots are just different, not a downgrade. Except for perhaps Pagan Min's face textures look a lot crisper but it's also different HDR settings as the "bullshot" is a lot brighter. But I do agree his face does look blurrier.

But there's a hate train going and I feel it's influencing more people than people actually trying the games for themselves and making up their own minds. I'm more annoyed at EA for charging people to play their games early. That's f'd up.

Ju1344d ago

Same...I think it can hold up pretty well, actually. And yes, the bullshots have no post processing filters, while the game does.

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SnotyTheRocket1344d ago

So, when Rockstar, EA or any other dev uses bullshots for their game, it's okay. But if Ubi does it....

1344d ago
RedstonerMC1344d ago

Not as big of a downgrade as ACU and Watch_Dogs But still shitty.

Worst thing is if they had just shown THAT instead as the bullshots it would've still been a hit.

Patrick_pk441344d ago

This better be solely for consoles and not PC graphics. I know that PC Nvidia users will be able to benefit from the extra graphical features. But this is Ubisoft, who am I kidding.

starchild1343d ago

Pfft Far Cry 3 ran perfectly on my PC. Totally smooth 60fps. I don't doubt that Far Cry 4 will run well too.

HaveAsandwich1344d ago

looks exactly the same. die.

ramiuk11344d ago

it still looks good,but prob only about 80% of the quality the promotion pics have.
i fully expect the promotion shots to be pc though,thats how they did it when i was at a farcry 3 reveal.

on another note,any footage shown should be labled as and screen shots altered should be illegal.

its moraly wrong and it seems ubisoft is trying to piss everyone off this gen.
I just hope Masssive stick to there word on The Division.

kenshiro1001344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

The fact you got agrees for that drivel Ballseye is really sad.

user56695101344d ago

im pretty sure most devs in the industry does this. how this is some how new. sony ms ninty, ea, 2k, capcom, se, etc. how is this somehow new. if you thought these consoles could do this theirs something wrong with you. and its funny that this game isnt much of a leap from the pc version of the 3rd. they show you what theyre aiming for then then at release the thing is blurry and washed out, a whole lot of blur thats how they hide low res texture its a cheap trick thats been use for years.
look nothing but blurr. i dont even see anything in the first half but drake and blurr.

another thing most of these reveals was on pc. even rocksteady said the batman demo at e3 was on pc. after they said that no one bragged about the game anymore. so devs show footage on pc or just dont state its a target, because they know fanboys will loose interest. look how hype shift when games go multiplat or games become exclusive. capcom on of the worst publisher last gen is making a f2p game, the publisher that know for half ass and nickel and diming is making a f2p game, now they are gods lol.

prepare to be disappoint if you think games are going to look like e3 reveals. when their goal is to wow and generate hype. most games next year are not going to look like they reveals. people should know all ubisoft games are shown on pc because their deal with NVidia.

keep worrying about gfx thats just making the devs focus on it more. just like the res thing

chaldo1344d ago

The game still looks stunning... cry more lol

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Man what is it up with these screenshots. These guys follow the same tactics that McDonalds and Burger King do. They show an appealing picture and then when you get the food it looks like it got run over by a 1994 Rusty White Ford Pickup truck with bald tires.

In this case it looks like the game developers get drunk off of La Roux brandy and a couple cases of crappy watered down beer during the polishing phase and then ship the game out when they are hung over
and then unleash hidden fees (Comcast) in the form of microtransactions

Svinya1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Um, pretty much every publisher does that..

And why are these stupid Xi accounts still around?

Svinya1343d ago

Mac - sure they do. Mario Kart 8 doesn't look as good in play as it did in promotions. It's often jaggy and some textures are rather blurry.

thereapersson1344d ago

I had a burger from BK once that looked like it was literally shot out of a cannon into the box. Sideways bun, most of the lettuce and toppings off to one side, and a rubbery looking patty that, had I listened to my better half, would not have entered my mouth.

After getting sick from eating their "food", I haven't been back to a Burger King since. That was 5 years ago.

Muzikguy1344d ago

I haven't been to one in years either. They just suck IMO. Can't keep the things people like, do things people don't like (those boxes for example, very stupid if you ask me), treat their employees like crap (I was one for awhile), and have no sense of direction or identity. They do what everyone else does, and fail. My local ones don't even have wifi yet, that's a huge fail right there

Muzikguy1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I can totally see Ubisoft in the pictures you painted, that's awesome!

That's the point I think. These bullshots are getting out of hand. I would much rather see what the final product is looking like as opposed to what it doesn't look like. When it comes to the food analogy, I stay away from those places (most of the time). If you're going to lie to me, you don't deserve my money.... Plain and simple. That's how I see it and I think if companies were to get called out more, things would change.

Paprika1344d ago

Best comment I've seen on N4G.... in, forever! True for nothing gaming and McDonalds lol!

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pwnsause_returns1345d ago

HAHAHAHA Oh really dont want money do you....

i hate false advertising.

TheWackyMan1345d ago

bullshots aren't exclusive to just Ubisoft though.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

They are exclusive to crappy developers who immorally deceive people because they care more about what goes into their pockets (money) then actually caring for the people who give them a damn roof over their heads.

ApolloTheBoss1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Doesn't justify the practice.

TheWackyMan1345d ago

@XiYakushijuAkeginuXi Rockstar must be a crappy developer then. :^)

When GTA5 was being promoted originally, they were putting out bullshots like it was their day job.

sipale1344d ago

Even rockstar has used bullshots before the release of gta v on last gen

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Farsendor11345d ago

Angry Joe and other Youtube personalities have had Far Cry 4 ps4 footage up for a while now.

Why look at screen shots to judge a game when they have actual gameplay out there?

1344d ago
ironfist921344d ago

Because people love jumping on the "Ubisoft-sucks" Bandwagon without playing the games or doing proper research.

Gamers are idiots.

pwnsause_returns1344d ago

oh i know it doesnt just pertain to UBISOFT, but they've been having such a "Great" year when it comes to this practice...

SnotyTheRocket1344d ago

What gamer buys games based off a screenshot? If you do, you aren't very intelligent.

pwnsause_returns1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Surprisingly, many gamers do... I expected something from Ubisoft... good things....especially with Watchdogs... I'm sure you expected good things yourself. hearing about these consistencies with the frame rate and the so called parity controversy, im not giving them my money. you should too... go ahead.. destroy me with disagrees and killing my bubbles. Don't really care, its my money they want, and i wont let them have it.

there's no excuse this time on how they handle their games.

you wanna sell something? be transparent. If i wanna buy a game for a console, show what the console can do with this game.

if you want to sell this to people who own something like a PC, do things a PC can do... when they announced this game, they showed it as if it was gonna be on a console.

Irishguy951344d ago

Guess you'll be skipping this gen?

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mark3214uk1345d ago

ouch,glad gta comes out the same day

mkis0071345d ago

Not too bad. How does it perform though?

R00bot1345d ago

Hopefully better than AC Unity...