Assassin's Creed Rogue: Quality control fail

As if Ubisoft didn't already have enough to worry about, a typo makes an unwanted appearance in the Assassin's Creed: Rogue credits. While it might not be as bad as misspelling the name of the game, the location of this missing letter makes it particularly embarrassing.

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Ezz20131377d ago

it's Funny with all "We need to foucs on Next gen and pc only"
they made a broken game (Unity) on all systems and once again fail to live up to the hype
really regret buying it on PC

and i'm loving AC:Rogue Much much more
Shy is awesome
it's like my 2nd best AC after Black Flag

Inzo1377d ago

I agree its the second best AC but after AC Brotherhood.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231377d ago

Black Flag is my favourite. Amazing game.

JacketsNest1011375d ago

Looking at what AC:Unity looks makes me kinda glad it's not on Wii U, cause if they can't develop a non-broken game for an x86 architecture, how can i develop for a ppc architecture and make it work?

Adolph Fitler1377d ago

Won't be buying it for my PS4 , nor my XBone....same old, same old, only done worse...that is inexcusable....I know it'll still sell like hotcakes to the AC fanboys that feel Ubi can do no wrong.....but I'm afraid I cannot support such blatant face spitting by publishers and/or developers.
Too busy anyhow, with FC4 (fingers crossed it doesn't suffer the same fate as AC:U), GTA5, LBP3 & Dragon Age:I, just as a warm up to Xmas. My fingers will be sore enough, plus I can be happy in knowing I still have a lot of Black Flag to get through, not to mention heaps of other titles in my back catalogue, across all 3 new systems, & games I am still to finish on PS3 & 360.

These publishers & developers need to make great games, INSTEAD of great excuses for lackluster performance & originality issues.

Kurisu1377d ago

Yeah, you won't be getting it for PS4 or Xbox One because it's a PS3 / 360 game :p

bixxel1376d ago

And a 'will be' PC game too.

Muzikguy1377d ago

"cannot support such blatant face spitting by publishers and/or developers." But you're buying far cry 4? I've said I won't support these guys either. The only game I'm even thinking about is the PS4 version of Rocksmith. Other than that I won't be buying any Ubisoft game. ONLY if they make a real good Rainbow Six game for the current gen, but I might get that used(if it ever happens)

Muzikguy1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Ummm... That was the point @Sashamaz

Must have missed the part about buying it used. It's ok, people have a hard time reading nowadays

Sashamaz1375d ago

You never said anything about Buying Rocksmith used, you implied it for Rainbow six, read your own comment again or are you having a hard time?

Muzikguy1373d ago

And you didn't specify where the irony was coming from. Who said I was buying it? I said "thinking about" doesn't mean the game will be brand new. Could also be used, but we are getting $30 of "free" tracks too. What's one game to you anyway? Rocksmith is actually worth the money, if you've ever played it.

I'm not having a hard time, you are having a hard time trolling my comments

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Mikerob20071377d ago

Must say tryed this game after the waste of money i payed for unity, And loving it so far

Dirtnapstor1377d ago

Unity is no where near the fail it's been presented as. I'd bet half the comments on most articles are people jumping on the poo poo bandwagon, having never played it.

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