10 More Fixes for Assassin's Creed Unity Crashes, Blue screen, Low FPS, Not starting, gdf, Minimizes

Assassin's Creed Unity continues to pile on one game-breaking issue after another, such as blue screen crashes, gdf.exe alerts, minimize bugs, among others. Here are 10 more fixes you may need for the game.

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nosferatuzodd1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

lol ubisoft you really F##K up big time this is the worst fail launch in the history of gaming i cant believe anything could beat drive club but ubi your now worst than EA

Rimgal1406d ago

It was a bad launch, but it wasn't as bad as Simcity launch.

oasdada1406d ago

Drive club had server issues, the game itself was flawless.. and yet it got 6 for its issues and AC unity getting 8s and 9s WTF?

SniperControl1406d ago

Because at the moment, it is the in thing to mock and belittle anything Sony.

I love DC, it is a great game.

OT: As for AC:U, i actually cancelled my pre-order the day before UK launch after hearing all the problems, hoping to pick this AC:U during the winter Steam sale for peanuts.(assuming the game is actually on there by then)

Meltic1406d ago

Im glad i cleared this shit