4 Solutions to Metacritic’s Most Common Problems

Twinfinite writes, "Metacritic is a resource that, when used properly, provides an invaluable service for people interested in video games. None of the issues with Metacritic are impossible to fix, and here are some things we can all do to maximize its usefulness."

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Genova841343d ago

Maybe for user scores it should go the route of rotten tomatoes. Give people only two options and then arrange them by voter usefulness.

I hate all the zeroes that say the game is broken. This happened with Lords of the Fallen which runs ok on my rig (no crashes, stable 35-40 fps).

starchild1343d ago

Exactly. There are so many troll reviews or fanboy-fueled reviews on metacritic. It ends up that every game gets either super low or super high user scores. It makes the user reviews almost completely useless.

Unity and Lords of the Fallen ARE demanding, but they run just fine on my PC and I have no issue playing them. Sadly, I think what is going to happen due to all this complaining is developers are simply going to stop trying to push high end graphics on PC and will instead deliver us watered down, less demanding straight console ports.

Illusive_Man1343d ago

Limit reviews to legitimate review sites, journals, blogs, and magazines. Maybe require a review committee to valid credentials.

No reason a blog called Xboxizthesuxors should be writing reviews.

That was just an example.

TheJacksonRGN1343d ago

In order to get a spot on metacritic the site has to consistently bring in a lot of views. I doubt any BS sites get enough hits to be on there.

Ka7be1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Metacritic is useless ****. If your a gamer and you have been gaming for some time, then you know what to buy and play.

Metacritic is useful excuse for fanboys.

Funantic11343d ago

I don't like metacritic myself. Really their scoring is opinions anyway.

Harold_Finch1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Step one: Go to
Step two: Laugh
Step three: Type in
Step four: Get the real scores

Nothing beats the IMDB scores for absurdity though.