Microsoft explains when Halo: The Master Chief Collection uses a dedicated server

“Halo: The Master Chief Collection indeed uses dedicated servers for matchmade games,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “While custom and campaign co-op games are peer-hosted. As an emergency contingency in matchmaking, the game is designed to fall back to traditional peer-hosted gameplay in the event that there are connectivity issues with the dedicated servers.”

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dazzrazz1347d ago

Cloud gaming at its best !!! 0_o

TheNew11346d ago

Crackdown will show that at best.

Illusive_Man1346d ago

Not sure why you are getting disagrees. Currently, Azure is mostly being used for hosting and small scale simulations but Crackdown is built from the ground up on Cloudgine. Cloudgine uses cloud compute.

Starbucks_Fan1346d ago

could we shut up with "cloud" gaming already

Blues Cowboy1346d ago

Heh, even MS are shutting up about it. Spencer hasn't mentioned it in months.

Codewow1346d ago

I think a fallback is great depending on the situation. If the servers happened to get DDoSed (and it happens a lot in this day and age) falling back to peer-to-peer is a great way to at least keep a game going.

Software_Lover1346d ago

I haven't even attempted to jump into online. I'm still trying to finish all campaigns on legendary.

I don't remember Halo C.E. being so damn difficult.

wicked1346d ago

No I have been blasting through CE and I thought that last night, it's definitely more difficult, or I'm just a bit rusty!

4Sh0w1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Well what do you know, it's not just me. I've been getting my azz handed to me on Halo CE Legendary= I know it's been a long time but no way I'm that bad. Seriously if anybody has a few tips, I'm listening. I started out with the goal of finishing all 4 campaigns on Legendary and I've almost given up that idea.

Letros1346d ago

I was thinking the same thing, I'm on mission 5 legendary now, starting to get the hang of it again. I forgot how useless the AR is vs covenant lol.

Blues Cowboy1346d ago

Heh yeah, legendary is all about the Needler! Though don't count out the AR, it's a beast in close quarters if you can keep your crosshairs on an elite.

qwerty6761346d ago

plasma pistol is very effective rapid firing it

many speed runners use this.

Sm00thNinja1346d ago

Omg HALO C.E . WAS A CAKE WALK IN legemdary!! Halo 2 omg that was unbearable you die immediately and you cannot hear your shield fall.

svoulis1346d ago

I am stuck at chapter 3, where you have to take out 2 Hunters before boarding the ship.

Problem is after fighting off about 50 or so enemies i have almost no ammo and 2 bars or health left.

This game is driving me insane on Legendary haha.

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its_JEFF1346d ago

okay, if Microsofts massive amount of servers can also have "connectivity issue" and have to fall back on peer-to-peer... then I won't ever be shocked if a game has connectivity issue at launch. Halo:MCC is arguably xboxs biggest release this year and it ran/is running into connectivity issues... this is crazy, maybe some of us gamers will give these guys a little more slack when things like this happen?

iluvmaPS31346d ago

Cod probably had more online players for the xbone than halo and its not having these problems.

jackanderson19851346d ago

COD is (or was i haven't had the chance to play in a while) having plenty of problems with it's servers and multiplayer as a whole

vikingland11346d ago

COD is one game MCC is 4 games with multi game modes. MCC is doing more things at any given time than COD.

donthate1346d ago

CoD is pretty much P2P, with dedicated servers primarily for matchmaking. That is why they don't have any issues.

You think Activision can outdo worlds second largest cloud?

MS if at the forefront when it comes to cloud and servers for console gaming.