The Failure of Fable 3 Should Not Kill a Future Fable 4

UM writes: It’s been just over four years since I wrote one of my most popular posts ever, Why Fable 3 is an Embarrassment to Video Games, and the series has never recovered since.

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-Foxtrot1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Well in my opinion they have a very good thing going now since they are doing Fable Legends

For me Fable suffered because they focus on too many co-op interactions. Instead of fine turning the RPG goodness in each new installment, they spent too much time on co-op interactions with your friends.

However since they are doing Legends which is a online focused, co-op game where you team up to over come the bad guy they can now make Fable 4 a pure single player experience without co-op or online play since Legends is already covering that

They basically have spilt it up and in my opinion this is what they should of done ages ago.

I'd be disappointed if they still added co-op in Fable 4 as that seems like the whole point of Legends.

DarkOcelet1373d ago

Well Co Op was there from Fable 2 . It was fun playing with my older brother but it made it even more easier . If they upped the difficulty , i swear this will be an awesome game.

-Foxtrot1373d ago

Yeah but that's the only time we saw any big improvment, after that it went downhill

I still think they could of done things from Fable 3 in Fable 2 if they weren't so bothered about co-op.

Fable feels a bit bare bones at times, it needs the extra resources on the overall world. They should have a map like ES, no loading screens in the main world.

darthv721373d ago

I enjoyed the fable games. i know im on the outside looking in but i felt each one was a nice departure from the previous one.

it always felt fresh instead of the typical continuation that game series are known for. i just recently picked up the fable anniversary and it is so much better than the original and i hope there is a fable 2 anniversary at some point.

kreate1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I really enjoyed fable 1 and 2. 3 just went downhill.

Co-op didnt bother me. But lack of unique marital partners and most fable girls look like ape-crap.

DarkOcelet1373d ago

In terms of loading screens, i believe the current gen will not have loading screens in open world games.
In terms of Co Op , i most certainly agree is that they focus too much on it instead of delivering an excellent single player rpg.
I really think they should remove it entirely too and make a great rpg like Skyrim or fallout .

-Foxtrot1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Yeah I suppose current gen won't have loading screens but what I meant was that Fable was always chopped up into sections.

If you want to go into a new area you had to go through a fade to black screen with a short load up then continue. I just want to go out and play it like ES without loading screens.

They did do something ES hasn't done though, have it so inside towns/villagers you can go into a house without a loading screen. Funny isn't it, something I want from ES is in Fable and something I want in Fable is in ES. I just don't get how in Skyrim for example you have this massive map to explore without loading screens yet you go inside a town and all the doors require you to go through another loading screen to just go in a house.

If they spent their time on a property feature instead of co-op it would be fantastic if you select a piece of land on the map and try to start a small community there, or maybe a small village. As long as you have room and money you can make it as big as you want

Zeref1372d ago

Am I the only one who likes co-op these days? Especially couch co-op..

Fable 2 and 3 had it right. And I'm liking how Fable Legends looks. It's returning to the first Fables setting.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231372d ago

People asked for a better Co-op system as in 2 you was locked to the same screen.

I don't think Co-op was it's problem. It was the lack of humour and story. 1 and 2 are my favourite games. I qued up at midnight for 3 and also bought a WWE game that released the same day. Ended up wrasslin after an hour or so that night.

DarkOcelet1373d ago

My only gripe with Fable series alltogether is that they are a cake walk . If they upped the challenge or at least let us have a difficulty option then i would have liked it more because it was so damn easy.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231372d ago

The PC has hardcore mode which added a higher difficulty also having to respawn if you died instead of getting back up.

gangsta_red1373d ago

Fable needs to go back to the drawing board and re-invent themselves. Fable 3 is a far, far cry from the first game.

I think this all has to do with the leadership of Peter Molyneux. The guy just over sells his game and they never turn out what he promised. Not to mention the very odd design choices he had done for part 3 and extremely boring gameplay just made me scratch my head. It's as if he wanted to sabotage this game just so he could make a cube game for smartphones.

Lets hop some new eyes and fresh hands gets a crack at Fable. I would love to see this game take on a more serious tone, set it in the same type of Victorian era(??) but set it against a lot of true Fable like creatures.

Testfire1373d ago

Never played Fable, loved Fable 2 and hated Fable 3. I never even finished Fable 3. I hope the Fable series gets back on its feet. The series has soooo much potential with a fantastic fantasy world and art style.

Nolando1373d ago

I love the world and gameplay but with each iteration the gameplay got stupider and stupider...

Fable 1 was a great game to establish the universe and fantasy, fable 2 went further along with that and simplified the game a little more which was ok cause the story was great right until the end.

Fable 3 I just couldn't play more than an hour or two even though I got it for free.

traumadisaster1373d ago

I didn't have any problems or issues, I've enjoyed them all.

creeping judas1373d ago

I would have to agree with you on that statement!!

Eamon1373d ago

They need to release a Fable 2 Anniversary. Recently finished Fable 1 on PC. It was so good.

As for Fable 4. If they do think of making it, they better release it on PC. That would be one Xbox One exclusive that'd make me regret not getting it.

XiMasterChief1373d ago

I hope they don't release it on pc

Eamon1373d ago

Console peasant.

Join us, the PC Master Race

SPAM-FRITTER-1231372d ago

Lol. Why not. We only get a port not like it will affect your game on the console.

Ahmen Eamon

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