Will We Get What We Want From God of War 4?

UM writes: Come on Sony, you and Santa Monica need to get your acts together and give the people who bought a PS4 something to really look forward to! Nearly a year has gone by, the 2014 E3 is all but a distant memory and we’re still no closer to experiencing a new quest that revolves around the satisfying splatter of blood and gorgeous quick time events that we’ve all grown to love from the God of War series.

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gangsta_red1260d ago

This series needs to do something different yet retain what made the original so fun. Just like Gears, the fourth one of both these series just felt tacked on and nothing new.

The formula needs to be changed ever so slightly but significant enough to make it feel fresh and not like the last four games...including the ones on PSP. How to do that...I really don't know and that i am sure is a problem both this dev and the Gears guys are facing.

I know when I played Ascension, I didn't even finish it. I got to that snake tower and turned it off. It all felt the same. And for Gears: Judgement...same, never finished it.

Anyways I hope Kratos does come back, maybe he can fight the Japanese Pantheon, or Egyptian. Just NO NORSE GODS, I think they have been used enough by Marvel, let's go for something different.

DarkOcelet1260d ago

One thing we can be sure of . We will be blown away by the graphics .

Ma1nframe1260d ago

Same here bro. Ascension was a huge letdown. I played 1 hour then sold it and I'm a massive gow fan. Gow is going through franchise fatigue. I would rather wait 2-3 more years for another gow. Sig assmusen screwed Santa Monica big time and they cancelled his new game at the cost of 100 million dollars and gow needs to regroup.

darthv721260d ago

well considering that both Ascension and Judgement arent really followups but rather prequels... it makes sense that they were different than the usual formula.

Not exactly sure where a god of war 4 could go. i mean he kills zeus and the series is set in the greek mythology not the roman. i know they share some similarities but what more can kratos really do at this point?

personally i would like to see a followup to dante inferno. there is still purgatory and paradise that have yet to be explored but that game was by a different dev all together. But santa monica could simply buy the development rights to games that should have had sequels but due to those studios closing....

To see another darksiders would be...epic. 2 horsemen down...2 more to go. come on sony, pick up that series and make it your own.

-Foxtrot1260d ago

I hope they are doing Heavenly Sword 2 instead, would be a nice change from God of War.

DarkOcelet1260d ago

Lol no. Ninja Theory should handle that. But anything outside of Kratos is always welcome specially from SSM . They know how to make an excellent campaign with awesome graphics and gameplay.

BiggerBoss1260d ago

Epic set pieces, epic boss fights, and epic gameplay is what i want from GOW IV

Ezz20131260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

i still play both god of war 3 and Ascension from time to time
they blow me away every time
Dat last boss fight in Ascension though
pretty much beat any thing i have from next gen

nucky641260d ago

I'd like to see SSM do a new IP. I loved the GoW series, but I think they've done just about everything - lets see them so something new!

ashen1221260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

I am pretty sure SSM has a few different teams so we will probably get a gow4 by cory barlog and a new IP by the other team

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The story is too old to be commented.