Three Video Game Franchises That Need to Go on Hiatus

UM writes: Sometimes things just need to go away for a while to make us want them again. Last week Activision announced its long dormant Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise is coming back to consoles soon. Awesome right?? But there was a time when many were asking “How many of these games do we need?” (My last foray was Tony Hawk’s Underground 2). I’m this way now with a number of re-occurring franchises. Here are 3 I’d like to see go on hiatus.

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Theparanerds1341d ago

I was just talking to a friend about this yesterday! Assassins Creed is like the Madden of Adventure games.

Look what happened to Guitar Hero when they juiced the hell out of the franchise

Visualift1341d ago

Or, just go on a personal hiatus and stop buying them. There are others who still really enjoy these franchises — myself included.

Flipgeneral1341d ago

Nah man, I need to jump in those haystacks!

Its an annual tradition!

SegaGamer1341d ago

I don't agree with the Sonic one at all, i personally still love the games.