Playstation Now: Subscription Plan News Coming Soon; PS1/PS2 and More First Party Games Planned

After the initial controversy about the pricing, PlayStation Now seems to be finally taking off, and Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi provided more information about what you can expect.

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FITgamer1373d ago

Awesome, hopefully it's reasonably priced. Haven't used the service yet because of "pay-per-play" model is ridiculous.

guitarded771373d ago

Yeah, I used it when it was free in alpha and beta (but the game selection sucked). I haven't used it since it became open/paid. The pricing is ridiculous.

Amuro1373d ago

it end up being cheaper to just buy the game in many cases, and not to mention the better performance.

freshslicepizza1373d ago

this probably explains their refusal of ea access. it has to be less than $20 a month but at least $10 a month. they should also off a psn plus premium subscription for maybe $99.99 a year that includes it.

mp12891372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

They need to learn from onlive, offering a monthly subscription, like netflix, is its only chance to be successful so they are on the right track there depending on the pricing. The complimentary rentals won't help very much, since you can buy most ps3 titles for $5-10 used.

ABizzel11373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Great what price point are you guys looking forward too? And what do you see as reasonable?

$10 mo.
$15 mo.
$20 mo.
$30 mo.

How much is too much?

martinezjesus19931373d ago

If its unlimited use, 20 would be the limit for me.

XanderZane1373d ago

$25 - 3 months
$45 - 6 months
$80 - A Year

Anything lower would be even better, but this is what I'm expecting because we know Sony wants to make some serious money off of PSNow.

ipach1373d ago

totally depends on the library. if it's like ALL of the games, then yeah $20 is definitely fine. but if it ends up feeling like a netflix style hodgepodge rotation of oldies and a random once-was-a-blockbuster, then not gonna want to pay much more than $8-10/month, especially since we already pay for Plus.

ABizzel11373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

So $20 mo. seems like the threshold of entry. Hmmm. We'll see.

What do you guys think about

$10 - $15/mo. with PS+ Subscription
$20/mo without PS+



Have you been on PS Now lately?

Twisted Metal, Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus / Full Frontal Assault, God of War Ascension, inFamous 1 / 2, House of the Dead 3 / 4, Sly Cooper Collection / Thieves in time, Nights, Saint's Row 2 / 3/ 4, Sonic All Stars Racing, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Payday, Dead Island / Riptide, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy 13 1 / 13-2, Just Cause 2, Virtua Fighter 5, Kane and Lynch 2, Warhammer 40,000, BlazBlue, Darksiders 1 / 2, Dead Rising 2 / Off the Record, Dead or Alive 5, Dirt 3, Dynasty Warriors, F1, Grid 2, Earth Defense Force, Killzone 3, Lost Planet 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 / 3, Red Faction Armageddon, King of Fighters 13, Resident Evil 5 / Darkside Chronicles / Umbrella Chronicles / Code Veronica, Catherine, Enslaved, and much much more are already on the service, along with tons of PSN games like Samurai Showdown, Sonic, Guacamelee!, Crazy Taxi, PixelJunk games, Sam and Max, Oddworld, and much much more.

With more first and third party games to come.

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S2Killinit1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

i like the pay-per-play model too though. I like that I can pay 2-4 bucks to play any game for four hours. At first I didn't see this as a good option. but its clearly tailored toward those times you just wanna play something/ or test a game out. which works perfectly. Often times i drive to redbox get a game, bring it home, play it for 2 hours, then end up not playing it for the next 7 days(for 7-8 dollars), either because its not my cup of tea or i just don't get into it, or i just don't have the time because something comes up. With PSNOW i get the game instantly for a fraction of the cost, play it for four hours, and if i don't like it, i haven't lost anything except the cost of a cup of coffee at starbucks. I dono i think it works great.

Although, a subscription model is cool too.

ABizzel11373d ago

The pay-per-play model needs work, and should be standardized.

Daily Rentals:
$1 for the day (PSN / PSOne / PS2 games)
$2 for the day (Retail games PS3 / PS4)

Weekly Rentals:
$5 for the week (PSN / PSOne / PS2 games)
$10 for the week (Retail games PS3 / PS4)

But it now (constant access to the game)
$15 or less (PSN / PSOne / PS2 games)
$30 or less (Retail games PS3 / PS4)

THamm1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I think they're going to model it like amazon prime, but that would leave ps+ subs in awkward state. In amazon prime you get to stream many titles, yet there's many that you only can rent or buy.

jahfen831372d ago

subscription will be expensive. You heard it here first.

illAmpRefugee1372d ago

At the prices they want they should just add apap out right option but just charge me extra 5-8$extra if they really want the money tht bad the extra chrge seems reasonable since they would be ditching the ps3 inalot of ways

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JMaine5181373d ago

Subscription at the right price should elevate the usage of this service. I know I would use it more if it was a subscription

NatureOfLogic_1373d ago

As soon the subscription becomes available I'll subscribe as long the price is not too extreme.

Amuro1373d ago

the problem is that people are expecting the subscription to be like Netflix's, like $8 a month. But this streaming tech is much more expensive due to the constant back and forth between the user and server. Because unlike movies, games are completely interactive. And is not just the servers but the HW itself that is necessary to render the games is much more demanding than the one used to play some movie.

So if there is a subscription model you can bet it will be expensive.

Ashlen1373d ago

I mean it's a step in the right direction I guess, but I basically wouldn't play laggy streamed games even if it were free...

And game streaming just seems like a trojan horse filled with DRM.

DanteVFenris6661373d ago

There is zero lag. If there is lag it is a problem on your end. My proof- my internet is bad so there's lag, but when I plug in my ps4 to wifi all lag is gone. So I suggest to get an Ethernet cord or if you can afford get faster speeds

drm?like what? Your renting it not buying it. yea you need always online but that's because it's streaming the game, the service wouldn't exist without that feature.

Ashlen1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

When I read people say "just get faster internet" I know they have no idea what there talking about. Speed has nothing to do with routing or packet loss, 95+% of your internet traffic is outside of the network you pay for.

Also I was part of the beta and I have used it from both my home and a friends house with an entirely different internet provider. I'm willing to admit depending on your location you may have more or less lag but I don't care what anyone says there is no such thing as a non-laggy streamed game.

PS. I have also used Onlive which people don't blindly defend like they do Sony and I dare you to read reviews about that service where no ever denies there is lag.

martinezjesus19931373d ago

If its resonably priced, I'm down. I really wanted to get back into Mass Effect 2 since it was announced to be in it a couple days ago.

Ares84HU1373d ago

So why didn't you keep your PS3 or Xbox360 copy of ME2 and you could play it.

I keep my games. Don't sell anything because sometimes I like to go back and play some older games. PS3 collection is over 320 games (not counting the downloaded games....I think around 120-130 of those).

ramiuk11373d ago

i miss god of war games,but im worried how they will all look because my gaming rig is a 106" screen and it might look a mess lol.

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