Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes - PC Requirements Coming Soon, Framerate Locked At 60FPS

As Robert Peeler – Online Community Manager for Kojima Productions – said, the official PC requirements will be coming soon.

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rodiabloalmeida1370d ago

I hope "locked at 60" doesn't mean locked as in Trials Fusion, where you have to keep the framerate at maximum, otherwise your game you go slowmotion instead of skip the frames.

Th3o1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

That is a technical flaw, trials was a direct port, in which it's almost like emulation. If you do anything less than 60 fps, it is running sub native and it slows down.

We saw the reverse of this with NFS: RIvals on PC. Locked to 30 fps, when unlocked it speeds up the game by double.

A game can be designed for a certain framerate, from what I've seen of the fox engine, it looks like it's designed well for PC. So they might mean it can't go higher than 60 fps (which sucks for ppl with 144hz monitors).

Either way I won't complain because 60 fps is more than good enough for me.

Also Valkyria Chronicles is the same, if you run anywhere near 30 fps it's all slow motion, but you can flip an option that sets 30 fps playable.

starchild1370d ago

"Locked at 60fps" doesn't even make sense. You can't lock a framerate in software and keep it from going under that target, only sufficiently powerful hardware can do that. You can cap a framerate at a certain target to keep it from going over that target, but you can't lock a framerate and keep it from going under.

There is no way they can guarantee 60fps on PC. I'm sure most PC gamers will be able to run it at 60fps, simply because it isn't a super demanding game and even the consoles will be running it at 60fps, but there is no way they can guarantee that very weak desktops and laptops will be able to achieve 60fps.

vishmarx1370d ago

isnt the xb1 version running at 720p just to accommodate the 60 fps?seems like fps is a big deal in this game
but old gen systems do run it at 30 so it cant be locked
also if you think the game wont be demanding , prepare to be surprised

Eamon1370d ago

I think by "locked" they mean "capped."

I.e. you can't play the game higher than 60fps.

bmf73641370d ago

Final Fantasy XIII port is locked at 30fps but most systems these days could run it anyway. The PC requirements seem to need a more moderate CPU and a good enough GPU to run the game but holidays are coming so people are probably going to try and invest in Nvidia's new 900-series cards.

Jdoki1370d ago

As as soon as I saw 'locked' I was sceptical.

Surely they must mean capped.

Either way - what's the point!?!

If it's capped then why deny the people with high end rigs and screens that could enjoy higher fps? And if it's locked then why deny people who have lower end rigs who would prefer to sacrifice fps for increased detail / resolution

Th3o1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

You can lock a framerate to 60 fps, by creating a 60 fps requirement. If the system can't handle it you see what looks like a slow motion effect.

Such as Valkyria Chronicles, but at least it has an option to turn it into 30 fps game in options.

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Grap1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Why in hell they Lock the FPS at 60FPS in PC that's just plain stupid. If i want my game to not overreach 60FPS i would gladly use 3rd party program not in game lock!.

Gamer4life8881370d ago

those system requirements are very similar to mgr revengeance...looks like this game is pretty well optimized.

NBT911370d ago

That sucks. Locked at 60 FPS. Ah well, it will be unlocked soon after release most probably. I did hear when it was announced that there will be extra high end graphics options though.

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