Toys R Us Black Friday Ad 2014 For Wii U, 3DS Games, Console Bundles

Techtorial: Toys R Us Black Friday ad for this year is now revealed giving big deals for games on Wii U, 3DS and other platforms. In addition, exclusive console bundles.

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TheEnigma3131341d ago

I'm definitely grabbing that PS4 GTA TLOU bundle. Hopefully they have it available online. I hate going to the stores.

ABizzel11341d ago


That bundle is pretty much EVERYWHERE (ToysRUs, Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc...). If you have a Meijer close by that's the best place to get it since you get a $50 gift card with it. If you get it at Best Buy you can get at least $10 Reward Coupons back since it'll be close to spending $500.

TomShoe1340d ago

No PS+ for $30? Rats. Looks like it's down to just Amazon and Gamestop now.

ABizzel11340d ago


I know. I always get it on BF for $30, no 12 month XBL deals either -_-

GoPanthers9991341d ago

The Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked for $30 gets you 20% off ALL video game items, all the time. So, with better pricing, BB always beats TRU. I do not work for BB, they just have the best deals so I have switched all my new purchases to BB.

ABizzel11341d ago

100% this.

The BOGO 40% off is the same as GCU discount, except you're getting reward points from BB + $10 pre-order gift cards. BB just can't be beat with GCU.

jmc88881340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Depends. It's a good deal. But you usually can find games for pretty cheap, at least PC.

For example, it was possible to get Shadows of Mordor and Alien Isolation for less then $60 ( I think the lowest I saw was $52) together pre-ordered on PC. (not as a together deal, but as two separate purchases)

That's an average of $26 a game, for a preorder, no tax or shipping either.

...and no I don't mean using VPN to access a Mexico or India store.

GCU is probably the best though for console games.

But of course it also comes down to usage. If you generally wait for the usual $40 or so sale that comes a month or two after a games launch, or buy most of your games around the holiday deals, it's not as good. In some cases it can be a hindrance.

For example. If someone has a B1G1 Free sale, and you have GCU, well... GCU in that case is useless.

If anything it's a great deal for Best Buy because it funnels more people to them because they get the discount there. You're less likely to look around for deals, and in some cases, might even stick with them because the further discount looks less appealing, even if it would save that person a bit more money then GCU.

Jag-T10001341d ago

They don't have any good video game deals. Buy 1 get 40% of another? They had this deal a week a go.