10 Sidelined Nintendo Characters That Deserve Their Own Game

WC: Since smaller, more niché titles are showing up more and more in the digital gaming space, there’s no better time than now for Nintendo to take some chances on their secondary characters – especially the ones that are just screaming for an adventure of their very own.

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gangsta_red1372d ago

There needs to be a Super Wario Bros game!

DragoonsScaleLegends1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I think it would be cool if Link actually became a real character in his game instead of just being a fill in who you can name anything. Like the article says it would be awesome if Zelda had her own game since it is named after her. Captain Falcon could also make a cool game too instead of just a racer with him in it.

LightDiego1371d ago

Falco is awesome, i agree.

JimmyDM901371d ago

If you want to save yourself a dozen clicks. Here's the list.

10. Professor E. Gadd
9. Waluigi
8. Zelda
7. Fawful
6. Tom Nook
5. Kat and Ana (from wario ware)
4. Falco
3. Captain Falcon
2. Professor Oak
1. R.O.B.

higgins781371d ago

Nintendo has such a rich back catalogue of charachters, so many of these would make a terrific game...however. Its easy to just name particular characters, less easy to pitch exactly what sort of game would make it worthwhile. I think perhaps Mario, Zelda (Link) and Samus has the market cornered.

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