10 Terrible Video Games You Can’t Help But Love

WC: "This list takes a look at 10 truly terrible games that we just couldn’t help but love. From technical disasters to hilariously tacky premises, each of these games guarantee a different kind of entertainment."

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Bigpappy1410d ago

The first blood Rayne was actually a very good game. They screwed up the others. The changes they tried to add affected the gameplay. They started to go after sex over substance and lost as should be.

Godmars2901410d ago

Well, it was a good game. Definite room for improvement which the second game failed to deliver by a good margin. Even the recent flash based DL game failed, largely because it was flash based.

An old fashion side-scroller beat-em up crossed with Street Fighter special moves and DMC combos, where she could stun and drink even from bosses, would be great.

OmegaShen1410d ago

They did that, it failed, I like the second one. I enjoy cutting up the bad guys or drinking their blood while shooting.

SolidGear31410d ago

I very much enjoyed the first two BloodRayne games on PS2.

madjedi1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Bloodrayne was a terrible game\series?

Funny because it featured more important\relevant female characters within it's own universe than most recent games released this or last gen minus maybe dragon age and the uncharted series or mgs series.

When i read or hear about terrible games, i think broken or just overall very poor quality control, neither or which bloodrayne is guilty of. If anything both games were fairly solid in that regards.

Stupid opinion really.

gamer78041410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

i'd love to see a nextgen bloodrayne game. (thats not the side scrolling version)