15 Greatest Set-Pieces In Video Game History

WC: So let’s celebrate set-pieces done correctly; those awe-inspiring moments in games which set it apart from any other entertainment medium. The fifteen set-pieces on this list vary in genre and style but all of them are stand-out, memorable moments in games which left an impact on us.

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Relientk771371d ago

The train levels from Uncharted 2 come to mind

pure epic

DarkOcelet1371d ago

The kraken fight from Gears 2 was also one of the best.
Dead Space 2 Halo Jump was epic too.
Max Payne 3 had too many epic moments too.

Idree1370d ago

Lich King fight in Ice Crown Citadel. - World of Warcraft: Wotlk

pandehz1370d ago

Pffff whatculture with their 15 clicks bait again.

opoikl1370d ago

God of War III opening scene and titan battles FTW! Pulling of Cronos' fingernail was just pure awesome.