Assassin’s Creed Unity Frame Rate Fix

Are you pissed with how Assassin’s Creed Unity is running on your PlayStation 4 or PC? Well it turns out there’s a pretty easy way to improve on the gawd awful frame rate issues by simply putting your PlayStation 4 or PC offline.

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dreamed1347d ago

Thats a bit shit,considering this game has lots of always online stuff in it.

Dudebro901347d ago

I'll have to try this on Xbox one.

1347d ago
Clown_Syndr0me1347d ago

Started this on PS4 today. Played about 2 hours, no issues noticed yet.

TFJWM1347d ago

The only time the fps messed up for me was when I connected the companion app to it

Blues Cowboy1347d ago

Digital Foundry give this the thumbs down. Will try it though!

Aquariusgamer1347d ago

I wonder if df can confirm this.

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