7 Ways Far Cry 4 Trumps Its Predecessor

Crave Online: Far Cry 4‘s November 18th release date is drawing closer by the day — are you ready? For a while, I honestly wasn’t sure if I was. Though a two year gap between games is lengthy by modern AAA standards, it’s actually quite quick for the Far Cry series, which has seen gaps between entries of up to four years in the past.

Regardless of how I felt back then, a run-in with some wild animals at PAX Prime convinced me otherwise. I’m all in for Far Cry 4, which means I need to brush up on what separates the game from its predecessor, and why its speedy two-year development cycle — relative to the changes being made — is surprisingly deceiving.

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JonnyBigBoss1345d ago

I'm actually looking forward to this!

MysticStrummer1345d ago

I played a little FC3 this morning, then happened to catch some streams of FC4 before they were banned. I'm amazed at the visual difference alone.