Exclusive Just Cause 3 Screens And Info

Avalanche's New York studio is ready to tackle the new installment of the highly explosive, go-anywhere sandbox series Just Cause. Grappling ace Rico Rodriguez is back, but this time he's traveling to his come country, a fictional Mediterranean island nation called Medici to fight off another evil dictatorship. What will Rico do when he gets to Medici? As you can see in these screens, he'll blow a lot of stuff up.

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theflyindutchman1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Awesome indeed!!
Finally, Just case 2 was also tons of fun so i can't wait......

llMurcielagoll1197d ago

Finally solid news of Just Cause 3! Look forward to it; Just take your time with it, dear dev, don't rush it. That is all I ask.

1196d ago