Early GTA V Owner Streams More PS4 Gameplay, Shows Stable 30 FPS; More Driving In 1st Person Mode

GearNuke: "Grand Theft Auto V is already being streamed by some lucky users who are leaking more details about the game."

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bouzebbal1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

in GTA i always wondered how they can start a stolen car that fast!!!!
Chinatown Wars you could actually hack the lock but why not the "real" episodes?? i think it's lame.
looks fun in 1st person though.

Spinal1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Add too much realism to a game then makes it suck. When your trying to make a quick getaway after robbing a store you don't want to spend 20mins trying to start a car you just broke into.

Think before you type atleast. The things you want are also detrimental to the actual gameplay.

It's a game remember that part. Do you want to also stop every few miles to top up gas in the car too?

hay1407d ago

Probably the same way the policemen and soldiers in games do not disengage weapon's safe lock. Or you're not taken to court for crimes commited in GTA. Or how the blocks are appearing in Tetris.

lelo2play1407d ago

"...Shows Stable 30 FPS..."

Those 30fps don't look very stable. It might be the vídeo.

MysticStrummer1407d ago

I watched some streams yesterday. It seemed very stable. Same goes for FC4, for anyone wondering.

AgentSmithPS41407d ago

It looks a lot more fun in 1st person.

skulz71407d ago

Only 30fps? Let's storm Rockstar's offices!


starchild1407d ago

What's more, I still see some stutters in that footage for sure. The game looks great, don't get me wrong. I just don't think it will have a completely solid 30fps either.

MysticStrummer1407d ago

We'll see what happens when the action gets intense, but the streams I saw yesterday showed very solid frame rates. I kept noticing how smooth it was.

chizzy2011407d ago

its going to kill me waiting till January for the pc release when my ps4 is sat right next to it... don't think ill hold out.

The_Kills1407d ago

Stable 30 FPS? Is this some sort of a blessing/luxury?

Ultr1407d ago

I was talking about them saying it. so its a fact obviously, I dunno what your comment has to do with this article.

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The story is too old to be commented.