PlanetSide 2 on PS4 News to Come

By next week we'll know more about PlanetSide 2's release on PS4! Sony Online Entertainment will be holding a livestream for the second anniversary of PlanetSide 2 to discuss its future as a whole.

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jmac531130d ago

Finally! Announcing an announcement.

LackTrue4K1130d ago

All this lack of news from this game gets me worried, hopefully it's not another DriverClub problems @ launch

SoapShoes1130d ago

Really.. Really... All I'm going to say to that is they aren't wasting precious Dev time by making demos and trailers. Also John Smedley addressed concerns about it taking so long by telling the fan to get back to him when someone else does 2000 players on a map.

Snakester951130d ago

Hopefully the announcement of an announcement will be worth waiting for!

XisThatKid1130d ago

This is at least #3 of announcements to the same announcement. I'm glad it's coming but every time I see "PlanetSide 2" on this site I get soooooo excited then I see it's another announcement for announcement.
I can't wait for this game it's my most anticipated game (hopefully) this your in 2014. This Event can't come sooner!

matt1391130d ago

It's still not out????

ExtoVert1130d ago

Ya i just received the email. The devs are going to live stream Planet Side 2 on ps4, on Nov. 20 at 10am PST. So its going to be gameplay, QnA, and giveaways. and HOPEFULLY a release date,give us at least a beta for now. Cant wait i've been waiting too long.

Snakester951130d ago

The Q&A will probably focus mainly on PC as it'll likely be before the announcement. Nevertheless, they're telling us something about the PS4, it's just a matter of what. If it's still releasing this year, it's likely a release date.

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