Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Problems Probably Could Have Been Avoided

Geekparty's Jake Valentine points out the multiple benefits missed by not delaying Assassin's Creed Unity.

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ghettosmurf1372d ago

Absolutely correct. Deadline-driven development always ends badly.

Findingcrybabies1372d ago

Don't get me wrong...I hated when Bioware did it with DA: I, (pushing back the release date near release time) It's a crappy thing to do for those hardcore fans who had scheduled time off of work and such, but the industry needs to start having standards and releasing complete games. I know Ubishit will never do that, but when DA: I releases I have high hopes it will be of amazing quality. if the reviews are anything to go by...unlike Ubishit who embargo's until after release DA: I is going to be amazing and worth every penny.

DivoJones1372d ago

Most major game publishers would rather get a broken product into more peoples' hands than delay a game to fix issues and miss the holiday retail window.

The only way (as consumers) to fix this is to essentially not buy their game at launch. From there you can either check reviews and determine if it's a product worth your money, or wait the week or two for it to go on some sort of sale. 1 day after AC: Unity came out it was $10 off for XB1. Or in the case of Halo:MCC, sit on it and see that there's issues, and maybe by the time you decide to buy it,the day 1 patch will download in less than 8 hours. (I feel bad for any midnight release players who then realized they had a 15gb patch waiting once they got home)

R6ex1372d ago

That's a wise recommendation.

Meanwhile, keeping my fingers crossed as the first 4 hours of ACU seems smooth on my GTX 970 rig.