Jolt: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Review

Provided you're not in a race to see the end of the game, Age of Conan comes as a highly recommendable MMORPG. It's bold, brash, visceral in nature and for the first 20 levels it's highly compelling. It's also unfinished, somewhat unpolished and requires a fairly hefty PC to run. Jolt have absolutely no doubt that the willpower and resources are there to bring the low level game production values into the high level game, but until that happens they suspect a lot of early adopters are going to be stepping back and watching developments over the next few months very closely.

Gameplay - 9
Presentation - 9
Value - 7
Mainstream Appeal - 8
Overall -

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gotgamedotcom3823d ago

AoC may be great but there's little chance of it ever becoming THE mmo, like WoW. WoW is too polished and established. There's no way AoC or EVE or LOTR online or any other upstart mmo can compete. The only way WoW loses is if they stop adding content, and that doesnt seem to be happening any time soon...

dersephy3822d ago

fanboy much?

let's keep in mind that Age of Conan just came out, so of course it isnt as polished or as established as WoW. WoW wasn't either when it was first released.