LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4 Has Exclusive Level Preview, Live Stream Features

LittleBigPlanet 3's exclusive content on PS4 has been discussed by developer Sumo Digital. The creative platfomer sequel, which will launch on both PS3 and PS4 later this month, will come with a revamped Netflix-inspired interface for browsing community levels.

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SoapShoes1370d ago

Wow sounds so much better, I like the level preview thing. It kinda sucked playing a level before knowing exactly what it was like.

MasterCornholio1369d ago

Sounds like Sumos doing a good job with this.


Bennibop1369d ago

Can't wait to see what the community does withe broadcast features.I am going to try to make an old fashioned dungeon crawler in the style of d&d.

telekineticmantis1369d ago

The audience interaction thing makes me wanna twitch... Account Imean. No but seriously amazing, Irember they were advertising this as a feature, and though I hope we get more audience interaction options, at this point this could be amazing.