World of Warcraft: Avoid long queue to servers

Master of Warcraft: "I just found out a way to bypass the que time after been stuck @ 2700 positioning in queue after 3 minutes i went into Bnet to see if theres free server miggs for any of my chars, i was in que at this time and tried to press on one of my chars, suddenly i got into my char list and could soon loggin to the game."

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Neixus1409d ago

Long queue is like the bottom list of problems, the fact that garrisons are unavailable makes lvling literally impossible, as it's a part of the questline.

Magicite1409d ago

Im from Silvermoon EU realm and queue is over 2500 people :D

crazysammy1409d ago

I cant log into ANY server, even low pop.

RiPPn1409d ago

Is this manufactured congestion to make it appear the addon caused an influx in users? Aren't there reports out there that the addon is performing terribly?

Fireseed1409d ago

To the first thing you said; no, just no.