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Submitted by DC RID3R 2787d ago | news

Edge Magazine - Latest Review Scores

The latest Edge publication has hit subscribers early and the review scores have been revealed. Tomonobu Itagaki's latest hardcore bloodbath of an action game, Ninja Gaiden II, scored top marks this month with an 8/10, the same score that Metal Gear Solid 4 scored in last months issue. Full review scores after the break. (Culture)

paul_war  +   2787d ago
EDGE & GAMEStm are the best quality gaming mags in existence.

Proper professional journalism & both stick rigidly to 5 being an average review score. Anyone in the US who wants to read some of the highest quality gaming journalism should import both these mags.
kazuma  +   2787d ago
no question about that, but 7 for alone in the dark? =\
Euphrate  +   2787d ago
They gave one of the greatest games to hit the industry ( MGS4) a 8/10 and HALO 3 a 10//10.

LTC  +   2787d ago
Edge are one of the worst out there. 8/10 for NG2 a game that has 79 average on Metacritic and giving the same score to MGS4 which has an average of 95 is unacceptable. They also gave Halo and GTA 10/10 when clearly both games are below MGS4 in quality.

There reviews are all over the place and I rarely take them seriously.
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Big Jim  +   2787d ago
I used to respect Edge because they're hard on games, and I like reviewers to be hard on games. But then Edge gave Halo 3 a 10. How can you respect any magazine that gives Halo 3 a 10? Edge is retarted.
WIIIS1  +   2787d ago
@ Big Jim
The same way people respect reviewers who give MGS4 a 10 and call it a cinematic masterpiece - gawd, the dialogue is so contrived!
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2787d ago
NGII same score as MGS4???

I love EDGE, but seriously...

...not even funny.
Xi  +   2787d ago
just remember different strokes...
... for different folks.

Every game this day and age has to be reviewd with regards to so many factors.

I would never consider mario galaxy getting a 10 in graphics compared to crysis, but it's worth a 10 on the wii. GTA gets a ten because compared to all the other sandbox games it still feels the best.

How they rationalized the score they give to NG2 and MGS4 need to be taken with a grain of salt, like what's it's competetion, what's the hype, who's the developer, whats the fanbase like, how is it for casual gamers, what platform is it on, etc.
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heyheyhey  +   2787d ago
tell me about it...

played MGO today (a lot)- it alone should justify a higher score for MGS than NG
WIIIS1  +   2787d ago
NG2 is a more visceral and enjoyable action game than MGS4.

MGS4 has better presentation, graphics, cinematics and storyline.

Both are imperfect

But I appreciate that NG2 does not pretend to be more than a fighting action game, and that in NG2 you get to play the coolest parts of the game rather than sit back and watch them and think "why can't I execute anything remotely similar to those moves ingame with Snake?".
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TheDeadMetalhead  +   2787d ago
Wow. Those are some low scores...
Although that's the first moderately good score for Alone In the Dark.
heyheyhey  +   2787d ago
not the first
GT just posted their video review- it's pretty positive

don't know what IGN was thinking- they were way too harsh
niall77  +   2787d ago
EDGE is good
but the Pro Bias they have for UK developers is well known.
ps360s  +   2787d ago
EDGE...First Metal Gear Solid 4 getting lower then Halo 3 and now NG2 getting same score as MGS4!

I will put 7/10 for NG2...good game but not better then MGS4 in my opinion.

I didn't mind Halo 3 getting a 10 (since it's their opinion and I do like the game) but when they gave MGS4 a 8 I thought wtf! Now something is wrong...
Isaac  +   2787d ago
EDGE is a load of garbage
Underrating Bioshock , Mass Effect, Resistance and Metal Gear Solid with 8, 8, 6 and 8 respectively, while it overrates mediocrity like Halo and Ninja Gaiden II with 10 and 8 respectively. I'm betting they're on Microsoft's payroll, because there is no way that Resistance and Halo 3 have such a high discrepancy, and a game that was highly criticized by... everyone? to be comparable to the masterpieces that are MGS4, Mass Effect and Bioshock.
jackie chann  +   2787d ago
They don't underrate, they just use a REAL system.

In their reviews a 5/10 means it's an average game, not brilliant, but not bad either. Now add 3 points to that (8) and you have a brilliant game.

9 would mean almost perfect in all areas, maybe missing out on a 10 for not pushing any boundaries. 10 should mean better than anything in direct competition with that genre(E.G it beats the best rival in every aspect and pusshes new boundaries). However they show how these reviews are opinion based because Halo 3 got 10/10.

All of this should mean absolutely NOTHING to you people. Only you know what you like, stop being treated like a statistic. Start making your own decisions instead of showing off 70 sites giving a game 10/10 and then thinking it's not ok, not to like that game.

There will always be a large amount of people who disagree because unlike cows, we don't all love grass.

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