Tales From The Borderlands launch platforms and prices announced.

Neil writes "Alright, kiddos...Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series is on it's way. Wanna know more?"

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oKidUKo1130d ago

Bit weird that the price is different for xbox and playstation, any idea why?

neil3631130d ago

Not sure. Something that always happens with Telltale series'?

Immorals1129d ago

Episode 1 is free on xbox, was the same with walking dead

rivencleft1129d ago

The $14.99 for Xbox is for 4 episodes while the $19.99 for Playstation is all 5 episodes. A bit odd though that the PC version is $24.99, wonder if there's something added to the PC version, if not then it should be the same price on all platforms.

tanukisuit1130d ago

What the! PC version is usually the cheapest. :/

adonis1831129d ago

damn milk must taste good.... didnt a prequel came out for this game??

Skate-AK1129d ago

This is a completely different game, same universe. This is a point and click game like The Walking Dead, Sam&Max and The Wolf Among Us.

Ripsta7th1129d ago

I dont get how people enjoy point and click games, so boring

Scatpants1129d ago

Man, I want it on Vita, that sucks.