Ubisoft Points the Finger at AMD For Technical Bugs in Assassins Creed Unity

Assassins Creed Unity has a tons of bugs and if Ubisoft PR is to be believed, it is AMD's fault. However, bad optimization for consoles and porting can explain the problem better.

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Findingcrybabies1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Exactly lol. Stay classy Ubishit. The vast majority of gamers have seen the company for what it is. This issue one out of a huge pile.

In a year or two when Ubishit gets the well deserved "worst company" win over EA I will smile.

Ezz20131341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Who will win the most broken games of all time award?!
Ubibroke or Bugtheseda ?!

what make me laugh though is that i own both AC:Rouge (ps3 got it early) and Unity (PC)
and i'm loving AC:Rouge far more than unity

badz1491341d ago

blame the one making the hardware you code your games on, not the one who badly code it! NICE one UBISHIT!

when your game has unreasonable requirement on pc yet still buggy, and it's not even the best looking game out there, you're doing it wrong!

hay1341d ago

50k draw calls? Are they having a call per each vertex? Or some excentric manner to run shaders? Seriously, wtf? There are better ways to do that.

Cracked me up on "resulting in texture/NPCs POOPING all over the place", though.

Born2Game831341d ago

I agree on the Ubishit thing. But, isn't that only for american companies? I believe Ubisoft is a french company, so there is noway for them to win that award.

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SkippyPaccino1341d ago

*When you point the finger Ubisoft, 4 fingers point back at you*

Maybe you should start thinking about making a proper Assassins creed game and release it when its done, not just because its the month of November.

VonSchtook1341d ago

@skipppy Whose thumb goes backward when pointing, though?

HaveAsandwich1341d ago

tell that guy he's missing a thumb

Concertoine1340d ago

His lack of a thumb would explain the lack of playtesting for Unity.

freshslicepizza1341d ago

people using nvidia and intel cpu's are having issues too. same with ps4 and xbox one players. do they ever stop to think it's them? watchdogs ran like crap too so step it up ubisoft and start taking some accountability.

GameSpawn1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

It was more extreme on AMD GPUs (which both the XB1 and PS4 are using) since the game was optimized and developed around Nvidia's tech. It is still bad coding though; they have only themselves to blame.

cannon88001341d ago

To me PR stands for Pretty Retarded, because every time I hear something from some PR clown-puppet, I lose a few brain cells.

bmf73641341d ago

Or maybe it's because Ubisoft is in a very reclusive deal to develop solely on Nvidia-PC systems which is very bad in general because modern consoles are AMD-based. However, the consoles themselves are optimized by their makers, Sony and Microsoft, AMD merely manufactures the chip. It's Ubisoft's fault for agreeing to such a bullshit-level reclusive deal to develop and optimize their games only on Nvidia-architect.

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mochachino1341d ago

Yes, that's what responsible companies do, point the finger at others for their mistakes. I really used to like Ubisoft too.

If it's down to select AMD card catalyst drivers why do the console versions run so poorly as well.

Billybobjoey1341d ago

I read somewhere that the consoles use AMD cards, but I don't know for sure and that could be entirely wrong.

Angels37851341d ago

Both of them use variations of AMD cards, but drivers are manufacturer dependent so Microsoft and Sony do driver updates.

I think Its safe to assume Ubisoft is full of it

Qrphe1341d ago

Consoles don't use the same drivers, Nvidia GPUs also run the game like crap so Ubisoft better be ready to point more fingers.

kneon1341d ago

Yes the console guts are from AMD, but that is no excuse.

PCs have countless possible configurations so it's just not possible to test everything. But each console platform has exactly one configuration, so there is just no excuse for not having properly tested on those platforms.

Angeljuice1341d ago

They do use AMD tech, but they're a known configuration that hasn't changed since they launched so it really isn't an excuse with regards to consoles.

Maybe the people are using the wrong type of electricity in their consoles eh Ubi?

bixxel1341d ago

A bad workman blames his tools.Ubisoft is the bad workman.AMD is their tool.

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Benjammin251341d ago

The game runs like crap because instead of making a solid game, Ubisoft chose instead to fill their world with 100's of pointless NPC's.

Clogmaster1341d ago

But the NPC's are all equipped with toggling Stealth Camo!!

Easter Egg nod towards the Metal Gear Solid franchise?!?!


elazz1341d ago

I think that is an easy excuse, the NPC's

Allsystemgamer1341d ago

So that's why mine runs like crap. Hardware I don't have in my system!

anticlimax1340d ago

Well, they told me my amd 6950 couldn't run it, and from all the complaints I hear around here I'm doing better than most. There's definitely issues, but to my standards it's playable.

Kevlar0091341d ago

Did Ubisoft not even play their own game? Did they not print a disc, put it in their game console and turn it on? It's one thing to be a server issue, but the physical pieces that have existed for a year now?

Ubi is a joke, soon they won't have any respectable devs left, they'll all have been poisoned by corporate greed and dishonesty.

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