Dragon Age Inquisition: Check Out These Direct-Feed 1080p Screenshots Directly From The Xbox One

GearNuke: "Dragon Age Inquisition is now available on EA Access for the Xbox One."

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MCTJim1370d ago

It may have taken an eternity to download...but the game is awesome!! EA access for the win :D Money well spent!!

GodGinrai1370d ago

Looks really good. How does the framerate hold up? I ask, because I might be getting a year sub to EA access, next month (I am still debating it, in my head)

MCTJim1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

from the 1hr I got to play so far, I didnt experience any issues, but then again, I was not looking for that. The game is just awesome for the time I was playing.

Edit at mochachino its 900p according to the article.

Sashamaz1370d ago

@MCTJim "I didnt experience any issues, but then again, I was not looking for that." No one plays a game looking for issues, people see the issues because they are glaring in your face as in the case of assassin's creed unity.

TheWatercooler1370d ago

I thought xbone version was 900p? Seems pointless to share blurry Upscaled 1080p images

gamer78041370d ago

Read the article... It's 900p up scaled to 1080p this the acre grabs are 1920x1080

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1370d ago

You should buy a dictionary and look at the meaning of blurry

No_Limit1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

I think you have too much haterade in that cooler of yours. All your post on xb1 articles are about 900p and sales. Can you at least read the article before making yourself look foolish. You remind me of former big time N4G xbox hater, Mariahelfutura, for the same reason.

OT, this game looks nice and even though I am getting the PS4 version, this game looks and runs great on XB1 according to sceenshots and videos I have seen. Xbox gamers should enjoy this game.

Svinya1370d ago

Perhaps you should change your name to The SaltWatercooler?

KiwiViper851370d ago

I bet his other pro PS4 account has like 12 bubbles.

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mochachino1370d ago

Thought the xone version was 900p and PS4 was 1080p. Did they up the res on xone?

thanhgee1370d ago

"Keep in mind that while these screenshots are 1080p, the actual game doesn’t render at this resolution but rather at 900p." Read the article.

mochachino1370d ago

I just went strait the the screenshots.

What's the point of 1080p screenshots of a 900p image. Genuinely interested if it improves sharpness.

DOMination-1370d ago

Most x1 games are upped to 1080p. Apparently it has a good upscaler chip.

Bigpappy1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

How is he going to take 900p shots when the images are upscale to 1080p?

You trolling and getting away with it. Those images are beautiful,by the way. That's why Xbox owners aren't complaining. Beautiful and smooth as butter while playing.

Now move along

Automatic791370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

You can keep the 180p I am playing this game now and its awesome on Xbox One.

Jason_Plays_PC1370d ago

Its just over 30% more resolution..You say it like you're glad to have lesser visuals?

thekhurg1370d ago

Most xbox defenders I've talked to think "180p" is some insignificant number that doesn't change anything because they believe that upscaled resolution is as good as the real thing.

TRD4L1fe1370d ago

Are you really gonna tell me as you're playing a game running around shooting things in the face that you'll pause and say "wow this game is only 900p!"

Because I'll call BS on that. Maybe on still pics but not on a game in motion....

Automatic791370d ago


"You say it like you're glad to have lesser visuals"

Learn to read I am glad to be playing this game now. You can keep your 180p

MasterCornholio1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

"You can keep the 180p I am playing this game now and its awesome on Xbox One."

Your acting like because the PS4 version has a higher resolution than the Xbox One version it won't be as good.

Why do you think that?

I've read reviews based on the PS4 version and saw plenty of videos from it and it looks great to me.

Going too have a hard time choosing between this game and GTAV.

Mehmeh1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

He probably phrased himself that way because the majority of comments made from PS4 users when it comes to res articles is something along the lines of "Xbox One sucks, its only 900p, unplayable, must be 1080p because we spot a really big difference when playing. etc etc."

But i dont think he acts like the PS4 version won't be as good, but more like, yes PS4 version is 1080p, good for PS4 end of discussion. I'm happy playing the version for Xbox One also.

And i haven't tried the PS4 version, but it does look good on my Xbox One. And I'm assuming it will on PS4 as well!

Edit. Yeah, do like me and get them both :)

MasterCornholio1370d ago


Well his comment was a little strange that's all. I'm sure that if its good on the Xbox One its probably just as good on the PS4. It could be better due to it being a multiplat but I doubt that the difference is massive between the two.

The issue I have with getting both is that both games are extremely long and thus it will be difficult to divide my time up between the two. I'm thinking about getting the shorter one first and then buying the longer one when I'm done with the first one.

My guess is that Dragon Age is longer than GTAV.

Am I right?

Automatic791370d ago


Not sure why you thought my comment was strange. Thanks @Meh for explaining. Either way, @MasterC enjoy it on your system of choice.

Mehmeh1370d ago

@ MasterCornholio

Yes, it is probably slightly better on the PS4. But as you say, i also doubt the difference is massive. One will be happy on either system.

Hehe well yeah that is true. And i find my self in the same spot, not only with DA:I and GTAV.
And then I'm always too tempted to get the games i want at launch not thinking about having the time to play them all :/ Like I got Destiny doing the raids each week, then I also bought FH2, SO, and HMCC the last month. And then theres DA:I and GTAV coming shortly. Throw in a 9-5 job, girlfriend and friends. Conclusion is = Not enough hours in a day x)

But yeah that sounds like a good solution, and i would guess DA:I us longer than GTAV. GTA isn't that long as i can remember, if you count story only.


Your welcome, happy that i interpreted it right!

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TRD4L1fe1370d ago

Just a few more days till this beast drops. Just in time to play it on my new TV. My XB1 controller is gonna get no downtime at all.

Automatic791370d ago


I agree about the no downtime I just need more time falling behind on so many great games. Lol

Dlacy13g1370d ago

Game truly is awesome so far. Well done Bioware!