Destiny is Broken, and Bungie Should Leave it That Way...For Now.

One of the writers at Middle Of Nowhere Gaming believes that Destiny is a mess, but it should be left that way. Instead of fixing things and restoring the challenge certain game types were meant to have, Bungie should be focused on making the experience more fun.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1345d ago

Destiny broken? LOL I won't even bother to read it.

GameSpawn1345d ago

It's more b**ching and whining about the lack of good rewards and instead of the rewards system being fixed Bungie is concentrating on fixing "cheesers" either in Raids, Strikes, or wherever as well as nerfing Exotic weapons because they are too overpowered in the Crucible.

It think the solution to overpowered Exotics (at least if they are as easy to obtain as some are) is not to nerf them completely, but just nerf/nullify their bonus effects ONLY in the Crucible in the Non-Iron Banner (no level advantage) games, but this means they would have to do this to ALL weapons including the legendaries. I would be fine with this as the normal Crucible games don't allow level advantages. Why not do the same for weapon advantages reserving those advantages for the Iron Banner? This would also mean you can still make full use of the powerful exotics in PvE (what they should really be used for) and during the Iron Banner (once in a blue moon - I really think the Iron Banner should be the last week of every month).

As far as rewards, they could be better for the Raid and high level strikes and missions, but they shouldn't be so guaranteed that someone can farm up every exotic within a few plays. Maybe a guaranteed exotic/legendary every play with an 80/20 or 70/30 (Legendary/Exotic) chance.

CorndogBurglar1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Honestly, this title is horrible. The article itself does not call Destiny broken. It says it has issues, but the writer also says that it works the way it is, and that Bungie should just focus on more content like the Queen's Bounty event, and Iron Banner, this way there is still an audience when the DLC comes out.

Seriously, the article doesn't match the title at all, as this article really isn't a negative one at all.

@ Chaos-SD

Yeah i saw those comments. I think most people consider broken games to have something fundamentally wrong with them though. SOmething that makes them nearly, or completely unplayable.

I saw this title and thought, "oh here we ago, another Destiny hating article". Yet, it turned out to be anything but that. I actually agreed with everything you said, and I think it was a very well thought out and logical opinion. But that title would leave one to believe otherwise, and would lead people to not even read the article and make comments like the ones you see below.

Just my opinion. This was a very good read though. So good job on that.

chaos-SD1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

If you actually look about three comments below I argue as to why I used broken. This is likely a mismatch between our personal definitions of the word.

However I am considering a title change...we shall see.

S2Killinit1345d ago

Destiny no broken. your journalism is.

Mister_Audrey1345d ago

Destiny isn't broken, it's lacking.

Broken is the ultimate hyperbole thrown around by entitled millennials.

chaos-SD1345d ago

I would posit that teams at Bungie would find certain parts, i.e. cheesing Atheon and aspects of pvp, are not what they had intended because players have found work arounds, gimmicks, or strategies that eliminate challenge. That was far too large for a title. "Broken" while overused by internet goers and "haters", sadly, fit very well with the title.

Possible substitutes were, doesn't quite work, has issues, isn't challenging, etc. But those simply didn't fit the bill and didn't provide a proper discription. Broken while often misinterpreted, when interpreted properly, does fit quite nicely once you reach the final sentence of the piece, IMO.

Objects can be broken without needing to be fixed, like parts on a car, and that is what the piece argues.

I am also not a millenial.

JeffGUNZ1344d ago

But broken is not the right word. When someone says the game is broken, they mean it's unplayable or has so many issues you can't play the game as intended. The loot system isn't "broken", it's RANDOM. That's the point of the system, to reward stuff randomly. Is it the best loot system, that's up for debate, but it's by no means broken. Destiny is LACKING content. I think you should change the title, a lot of people are going to dismiss this a clickbait troll stuff.

tack1291345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Well reading it. I kinda agree.

- The raid is actually quite buggy. Especially with sound on the Templar section. Exiting/entering portals at the final boss etc.

- Balancing exotic weapons for PvP which unintentionally nerfs its usefulness in PvE. Which is why they are buffing some guns.

However I think for PvP if they reduce the special ammo spawn rate it could fix a ton of fusion/shotgun spam problems and make Crucible feel playable.
Also content wise no doubt it most certainly needs more content. Fortunately (or unfortunately however you see it), I have the season pass. I'm hoping for some decent content to play next month.

Edit: Not to mention they are experimenting with Crucible modes. Hoping that they are fun to play.

chaos-SD1345d ago

A very smart position. I had not considered reduction of special ammo spawn...however that could potentially benefit those with the universal remote even more. It's something to think about though. I'll definitely bring it up with my teammates.

I'm also eager for the content next month. As I say in the piece, there's a reason I've sunk 450+ hours into the title. Still, with that much time, it's hard not to notice the blemishes.

Appreciated your words!

OmegaShen1345d ago

BF4 is broken, so is most games that have came out. Destiny has problems, but it's playable.

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