5 Things We Wish to See in Destiny 2

As the most expensive game made to date it had a lot of expectations to meet, and it met a lot, but maybe not all. Bag of Games writes about few ways they could improve on the recently announced Destiny 2.

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MkaY1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I want:

- More customization
- Improvements to the competitive game modes.
- Ability to cause pain to Cryptarch

Relientk771347d ago

"Ability to cause pain to Cryptarch"

haha nice

kneon1347d ago

How about a game that doesn't have crap networking code.

I've never played a game that loses connection anywhere near as often as Destiny.

thorstein1347d ago

Play Battlefield 4. Destiny is rock solid in comparison.

Relientk771347d ago

A story

more variety in: guns, characters, places, items/equipment, more classes to choose from. Pretty much just more of everything

No need to grind for hours and do repeative missions loot caves

and fixing the way you buy certain items. The fact that there is 3 different currencies is frickin annoying. I dont want hoard glimmer, do multiplayer and strike missions endlessly just to get good stuff

MkaY1347d ago


Oh how much faster you would be able to get the good stuff with one currency... *sigh

Drithe1347d ago

Larger bouncing boobs for the female characters.

spicelicka1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

lol, that should be an exotic upgrade

objdadon1347d ago

The haters to not buy the game in the first place!

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