'MotoGP 14' review: Pedal to the metal | Examiner

If you're willing to put in the time, "MotoGP 14" is bound to reward your hard work with the racing challenges it provides. For those with poor experience in racing simulators, this game will test your patience, as well as your racing skills.

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RGDfleet1288d ago

Quick thought...what pedal is being pushed to the metal?

monkey6021288d ago

Came here just to say the exact same thing

Spotie1288d ago

The sustain pedal, of course. Every bike has one.

SoapShoes1288d ago

I got this game and quite like it but I SUUUUCKKK!! I'm good at Gran Turismo but I have never had a bike game and it's much different than racing cars(obviously). I borrowed Tourist Trophy from a friend but never played it really. So I'm getting enjoyment out of this since it's a type of game I've never tried before. I'll probably get MXGP 14 too. Lots of racing games lately.

spence524901288d ago

Good to know the industry is getting back to that PS2/Xbox era of variety.

TeamVVV1288d ago

Good to see some racing love.