Here's a Fix For Assassin's Creed Unity's Frame Rate Issues on PS4 and Xbox One

For those of you suffering from severe frame rate drops on either Xbox One or PS4, here is a potential fix until Ubisoft releases their upcoming patch to address a myriad of issues - including the frame rate.

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quenomamen1343d ago

How about a permanent fix ? Get riD of it and stop buying crappy yearly games

Guwapo771343d ago

Dude you're right on the money with that!

Mykky1343d ago

Well if you can look beyond bugs, glitches, terrible framerate drops and microtransactions I think most is going to find a really good game. I'm having a blast playing this game, the amount of details really deserves some credit. Anyone interesed in history really should buy this game. (As long as you are not affected by all its faults.)

I'm not trying to defend the game because it is full of bugs and terrible framerate drops that should never be allowed in a full price game. However if you are the kind of person who can look over these kind of things, you are probably going to have a really good experience as I am.

AndrewLB1343d ago

You can blame the vast majority of the performance issues on the fact that Unity is an incredibly demanding game that is right at the bleeding edge of what is possible on Xbone or PS4. And they even had to dumb down the graphics to get it to run.
Unity has without any doubt the best graphics of any currently available game. The lighting, shadows, ambient occlusion, massive mobs of people, etc... are absolutely amazing.

I haven't played it on either console but I've seen it and it looks good. But it doesn't even get close to the PC version on Ultra.


And btw... not everyone is having problems with the game. It's been running great for me on my PC @ Ultra settings, 4xMSAA, HBAO+, soft shadows, 1920x1200, etc. I'm running an i5-4670K @ 4.4ghz, GTX 780 Ti @ 1200mhz, 16gb DDR3, etc...

Guwapo771343d ago

@Mykky - and it's people like you that these companies target. You're willing to shell out $60 on a good half-assed game. Maybe I just grew up in a different gaming generation... I don't expect perfection but I do expect a high quality game. Where was the QA? If they took a couple minutes to play the game they would realize it's eff'd up.

MarkusMcNugen1343d ago


I have the same PC setup except I have a GTX 770 instead. Unfortunately I can only get stable in-game framerates on medium settings. Cinematics still drop to 15-20ish though, otherwise it's highly playable and I don't even meet the minimum specs with my card.

Mykky1342d ago

That is likely, though unlike most casuals I usually know which half-assed games I know I will enjoy. I'm not blindly buying any game without some research first. So I don't feel bad for supporting the creators of AC as they have made a game I really enjoy. The sad thing is that I also do support Ubisoft by buying AC even if it's not intended.
Ubisoft is at least getting a worthy shit storm heading their way, so hopefully they will feel some need to change in the coming year(s).

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PaleMoonDeath1343d ago

Right, I'm getting this game tonight (with the receipt!) can anyone tell me if this works on the PS4 for sure?

Rickgrimes951343d ago

It works bro just frame rate is pretty rough, and the pop-ins are super noticible I would wait till it's patched and running good get far cry 4 or gta5 till then

PaleMoonDeath1343d ago

Good to hear dude, if it ends up glitching like all hell I'll get a full refund, ... after I've finished the game of course, win win!

sprinterboy1343d ago

Excactly whatsit doing buddy, was a day 1 but was at work all day and heard all the troubles, gonna wait 1 month minimum and get gta5 which I ain't played yet, plus golf club and valiants war of store sale

nitus101343d ago

@ Twiggy

Unless you can complete the game in a day or two you may not get a full refund, however that would depend on where you purchased the game from. I am quite sure many retailers already know by now that customers may be trying to return the game and they have already played it through.

cemelc1343d ago

Wait for it. Terrible problems on PC and PS4

starchild1343d ago

No problems for me on my PC. GTX 770 and I'm getting a steady 30fps with shadows and textures at high.

Allsystemgamer1343d ago


No offence but a 770 should be able to do MUCH more than 30fps. You shouldnt be happy about that...

MarkusMcNugen1343d ago


Depends on the rest of his system, and what variant of GTX 770 he has. I get a stable 30FPS on medium high settings but that's with the 2GB version of the GTX 770.

Unspoken1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )


You must be young to think new software would never require more powerful hardware.

I would like to hear the technical reasons why a 770 GTX should get higher fps? You don't even know what CPU he has. If it is your personal opinion then please stay away from gaming development and go back to playing consoles.

I remember not so long ago PC games would come out and gamers would see if their computer could run it. Let's put it on Ultra! Nope. All the shiny new software upgrades couldn't be turned to max. Time to dial it down. Low performance on cutting edge tech may require an upgrade. That was the name of the game.

Granted AC:U shouldn't have glitches and it came out about 6 months too soon, but performance is down to the hardware that can run it.

This is where time and time again the lowest common denominator will hold back advancements it development, low end PC's and consoles alike.

Should we get a few more frames? Sure. Should grandma's PS4 run the latest PC game at 1080p/60fps maxxed out? Not a chance.

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I_am_Batman1343d ago

Eurogamer have confirmed that their digital foundry first look analysis has been running offline with the day one patch installed. So even if it works the framerate still drops pretty heavily.


Man don't use the estore and you'll be good.


How can you get a refund if you open the game?

rivencleft1343d ago

Used at Gamestop usually, 7 day return policy, so if you beat the game within 7 days you can return it for a full refund. I was thinking the same thing though since the game JUST came out.

SPARTAN31343d ago

I dont think this will work on the PS4 the problem with the xbox is its doing the resume game feature. With the ps4 its like starting over every time you launch the game scenes it doesn't do game resume. Now if you play coop and go back into single player and have your fps get real bad, then ya close the application and re-launch it.

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SnakeCQC1343d ago

a better fix is playing any pre evil ubisoft phase game like revelations

Fez1343d ago


Revelations was ironically the reveal of what Ubisoft had planned for the AC franchise. Dissatisfying stories with more of the same gameplay.
I'm ashamed it took me as long as the end of Revelations to realise.

Travis37081343d ago

I got a even better fix!

Don't buy this game!!!!!

Nucler1001343d ago

I remember this happened with Skyrim on the PS3 when it first launched. Playing for long periods would cause the game to lag like hell. It was fixed though, hopefully it's the same for Unity. I gotta say, this game would be an easy 9 for me if it weren't for the lag breaking the immersion...

nitus101343d ago

I have Skyrim the Legendary Edition and the game can lag and even hang once you get a 6MB save file although to be fair you may only loose a few minutes with a reboot.

When your save file is over 7MB and above you can still get lagging and the odd hang but they are now much rarer.

One problem? with this game is that IMHO it is so addictive that you can easily put in over 100 hours and hardly touch the main quest much less the three other "add-ons", two of which are quite large as well. Still if you are an RPG fan then this is not that big a deal and IMHO excellent value for your money.

I would definitely agree with you on scoring this game.

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