New fighters shown in latest video for Tekken 7

Tekken 7 may be launching in arcades first in Japan before it makes its way to consoles, but the latest video for this version should give you an idea of what to expect.

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VTKC1369d ago

wtf they doing to this game? Why have they put in that stupid desperation attack like they have on Dead Or Alive? And super armour for moves now like red focus in Street Fighter? I hate these "one hit wonder comeback attacks" If you snooze-you lose. And if you suck then get better. And why design a character that looks like he is from a Seed Garden from Final Fantasy 8? And whats with the new girl and the obvious flaunting of the boobs? I like boobs just like any other person but Tekken is not that kind of game. Leave it to Dead Or Alive for that. It was bad enough as it was with the bikinis in Tekken Tag 2. That's just really shitted up my hopes. I was really looking forward to the next Tekken. Only Mortal Kombat left then.

bladesofagony1369d ago

I love all the new mechanics they have implemented in the game, those sparks looks amazing, cant wait to play it on my GTX 970