Dragon Age Inquisition and it’s Crafting Problem

Dragon Age Inquisition is nearly out, get ready to deal with some insanely complicated and useless crafting options (although the game is brilliant).

After using the crafting system EXTENSIVELY VGS found some problems that should be addressed. Get ready for a lot of back checking and going through ENDLESS menu options.

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camel_toad1259d ago

Hey now - thats uncalled for. Everybody knows proper grammar isnt a requirement for gaming journalism.

Knightshade1259d ago

Having completed the game, I can say this is completely a non-issue. The only thing that sucks is that you can't view what you are wearing while you are crafting.

Baka-akaB1259d ago

even then i dont see how it's such an issue , when well there was no crafting whatsoever in the past

Psychotica1259d ago

Can't they just add a frigging shop where you can just buy weapons?? I am surprised you don't start the game entirely naked and you have to find a cow, kill it, turn it's hide into leather, make your shoes, underwear etc etc.

m2stech1259d ago

Wait until you play Korean MMOs, only then you will know the true meaning of "insanely complicated and useless crafting".

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