Half-Life 2 Nvidia Green Box bundle: Green is the new orange

Nvidia has offered up quite a lot for their customers as of late. Alongside recent announcements regarding their new cloud streaming service, Grid, and Android Lollipop support for their Shield Tablet, the prominent PC and game manufacturing giant is launching the Half-Life 2 “Green Box.”

Nvidia’s Green Box is a bundle of Valve games, which includes Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and Portal. In short, it’s a cut down version of Valve’s popular The Orange Box (which included the aforementioned games, as well as Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2).

The Green Box Bundle, in and of itself, is not too shabby a deal – especially considering that it will be free to anyone who purchases a 32GB Nvidia Shield Tablet.

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DesertFoxJr1341d ago

Green is the new orange, and according to Jenji Kohan, orange is the new black. So green is the new black?

On the other hand. 3 games in a Valve bundle? Half-Life 3 confirmed.

SteamPowered1341d ago

Glad to see Nvidia finally pushing this product. I have had a Shield Portable for about a year and I absolutely love it. I cannot help but wonder why Nvidia doesnt sell this beaut at Future Shop or Best Buy. This baby could be a beast to the Intel PC crowd but the general public would never know it. I have had a total of 1 person recognize a Shield in my hands.

Elronza1338d ago

I too own a Shield Portable and use it more than my gaming pc.

nikrel1341d ago

I'm not a fan of the speaker holes. Reason being when I go to pinch a loaf I've always got a tablet with me & I do not want poo particles floating in there.

This is serious...

Lon3wolf1340d ago

Pooh particles are always a serious business.

TheROsingleB1340d ago

Seems weird that they include HL2 and Episode 1, but not Episode 2? I guess they're banking on you buying that episode by itself and brace yourself for the disappointing cliffhanger there-after, and become one of the rest of us waiting for more.