5 Resources to Help Build a Killer Gaming Rig

Building a gaming rig is not difficult. A learning experience? Yes. Time-consuming? Absolutely — especially if it's your first build.

But the actual act of choosing your components and putting them together has never been easier, thanks to a number of online resources devoted to the hobby.

If you've ever considered building your own rig, here are a few essential sites that'll have you finishing your build in no time.

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TXIDarkAvenger1198d ago

I used PC Part Picker and /r/buildapc to build my first PC. Really helpful community.

SteamPowered1197d ago

Pc Partpicker and Tom's hardware are my go to's. I have to limit my browsing as it seems I can't help but spend money when I visit their sites.

GameSpawn1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Silent PC Review is good if you are making an air cooled system or HTPC that you want to be quiet. They do noise tests and reviews on fans, cases, radiators, etc. to help you decide what components to buy.

Personally I like making my own list of components in Excel and comparing prices between 2-3 trustworthy retailers instead of the part picker sites. I just seem to have more granular control.

I also like to use a power supply calculator as to not over-build:

Tom's Hardware (listed in the article) is pretty good about hardware reviews and testing between different motherboards, drives, processors, memory and graphics cards. They also have side by side comparisons of some components, such as graphics cards, giving you a rough idea of the basic power difference between different card models and manufacturers.

strangeaeon1197d ago

I am running crossfired 7850s in my rig, and was thinking its time for an upgrade. Can anyone suggest what to put in their place?

Rick_Ross_Boss1197d ago

gtx 970 is the best bang for your buck

strangeaeon1197d ago

Wanted to get something I can crossfire later, not sure about switching mobo.Seems I am never happy with what I have.

TardcoreGamer1197d ago

970, 980 or wait for the new AMD 390x to arrive.