The Witness: Prepare to Get Lost in Jonathan Blow's Whimsical Island

Jonathan Blow is no stranger to creating unique, magical worlds for players to get lost in.

With the release of his indie smash hit, Braid, he introduced a "rewind mechanic" that proved to be so popular it's been implemented in dozens of other games. The uniqueness of Braid made it an instant classic, and now, more than six years later, Blow is ready to drop another bomb.

This time around, with his upcoming PC and Playstation 4 title, The Witness, Blow aims for similar results — those results being that players become lost in a fantasy world where each hurdle thrown at us is enjoyable. It's not a matter of "developer versus player," so much as it's Blow's idea that his game worlds should encourage players to try new things and invent within the game's space. Speaking with The Verge, he said, "Doing good puzzles is the absolute primary thing and we build the world around that."

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medman1373d ago

I'm looking forward to it.