Sony running PSN maintenance on Nov. 17 for six hours

PlayStation Network users will have limited access to the service for a six-hour period of routine network maintenance on Nov. 17, Sony announced today.

The maintenance window will run from 1-7 p.m. ET, during which time Sony will "deploy a series of back-end improvements to the network."

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XboxOneX1409d ago

Better to get this done before the launch of GTA V on PS4.

thekhurg1409d ago

Better be done before Dragon Age....

ainTgoTTime2bleed1409d ago

Exactly what I was thinking, love that avatar of

XboxOneX1408d ago

Thanks I also like yours.

freshslicepizza1409d ago

so they have to always take part of the system offline to do these routine maintenances? there must be a better way than this.

ReconHope1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Why in the middle of the day... I don't get it. They should do it like 12am-6am.

mr.selfdestruct1409d ago

prolly because there are people at work and school at that time. So it will have the smallest effect on the userbase as a whole.

ShowanW1409d ago

^^^ This...

I'm at work while most of this maintenance is taking place...

KrisButtar1409d ago

Maybe it has something to do with timezones.

Baka-akaB1409d ago

and how exactly is is better to do it at night when "everyone" got free time to play ?

It may inconvenience some in the middle of the day , but more people work or go to school , while they do it

GrimbleGromble1409d ago

Because its my day off and they hate me. Because they do not take in account of any other persons in the entirety of the user base and only pick on me.

Dualshock_71409d ago

No worries, just stay logged in to PSN by November 13th! Even when I turn off my PS4...I never log out, I just close all my apps and shut the system off.

"If you’ve signed in to the network any time since November 13th, you will be able to play games online and access partner apps such as Netflix during this maintenance period."

Again, no worries...just stay logged in! And you will be able to play during maintenance.

medman1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Mumbles something unintelligibly.

RG_Dubz1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

There are these things called timezones, it might be daytime where your at but that's nighttime somewhere else, I seriously doubt SONY cares about catering to your needs.

1pm to 7pm EST is 6pm to 12am BST, which is worse to you?.. and that's just 1 timezone difference.

Being signed in before the maintenance starts is the only way to ensure you can play online, don't fall for that "if you've signed in by Nov.13th" BS, I've seen that not work several times before both this-Gen and Last-Gen.

TheSaint1408d ago

Because it's always midday somewhere in the world, are you American by any chance?

paul-p19881408d ago

It's from 6pm to Midnight in UK, the time that ALL of us will be wanting to play. Consider yourselves lucky that Sony care more about Americans than Europeans....

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tlougotg1409d ago

My mesages have been lightning fast as of last night, i was surprised! Usually it pauses and takes few seconds to go through.

On a side note if you want to watch full length new releases on ps4 browser you can go to it works flawless on my ps4 with no buffering.

Rimeskeem1409d ago

Getting this done before GTA and Far Cry

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081409d ago

Doesn't bother me none since i'm mostly a SP type gamer.

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