Super Smash Bros. Wii U Pre-orders Up to Record Levels

8BitChimp says, "Nintendo has three major holiday releases left for 2014, the kind of games that has everyone buzzing. They consist of the upcoming Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire remakes and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, naturally. Much rides on Smash Bros. to be a driver of Wii U sales for the season, much as Mario Kart 8 was this past summer. And so far, it appears to be a sure thing."

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iplay1up21223d ago

This article was stupid. There are plenty of games that I can go" apeshit" over and say " they are only on Wii U" hell I just got bayonetta 2 and am about to download the MK8 dlc, next week I get SSB.. I don't know what the hell this article is trying to prove, but all of my friends who did not have Wii U Are all picking them up now because they play mine and love!the GAMES.

Noahmtodd1223d ago

It's not trying to prove's just reporting the news.

iplay1up21222d ago

OMG, my comment was sooooo not meant for this article. I am so sorry. Damn tablet.

marloc_x1222d ago

I'm picking up what you're laying down ;)

LightDiego1221d ago

Great games are coming for Nintendo, and some are already here, like Bayonetta 2.
With Super Smash, Bayonetta 2 being praised, Mario Kart 8 DLC, Amiibos, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, Nintendo will have a great holiday.

JacketsNest1011220d ago

Those line graphs in the video weren't shady at all./s
Stupid Bloomberg trying to make Nintendo look bad by not labeling their graphs.