Nintendo Just Insulted the Entire Video Game Industry

CheatCC says - "Never let it be said those behind everyone’s favorite little plumber are afraid to speak their minds!

We all know perception is reality right? Whenever you attempt to go against the grain in that regard, it’s very much an uphill battle. What the public thinks they know vs. what they actually know are two different things, but good luck making that case to someone who already has their mind firmly made up. In the current gaming landscape, the perception is that Nintendo holds a distant third position behind both Microsoft and Nintendo. Like it or lump it."

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DarkOcelet1409d ago

It is funny how he says games looks boring when their games have barely changed in 20 years :/ .

BullyMangler1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

the creator of DK, Mario etc . . .

if he says that recent games from other consoles bore him, that's because im sure hese seen stuff that is more fantasy than Final Fantasy itself.


meaning Miyamoto has seen more CREATEive work .


easily impressed he is not.

Like, will Uncharted 4, Halo 5, The Order: 1887, Gears of War IIII, the new Final Fantasy ps4, Bloodborne, Sunset Override, Rime, etc, God Of War IIII, will these PS4 and XB1 exclusives even cross the bar that Bayonetta 2 smeared all over their faces when it comes to creative challenge, outrageous Adult content, and hardCore gamePlay ?

Miyamoto is not impressed with ps4, xb1 so far. :/

but i cant wait to see some more
Last Guardian

Uncharted 4

Gears 4, and

God of War ps4 .. please sony thank you, your exclusives are fun and awesome too thanks!

DarkOcelet1409d ago

Ok Bayonetta is a total badass, i get that but that one game doesnt give him the right to brag like it changed everything. The game is fun but in terms of story or graphics , its doesnt come near games like say for instance God of War 3 or The Last Of us and believe me they will struggle when games like Bloodborne , U4 , Witcher 3 , Mgsv , FFXV , etc etc etc comes to the other consoles while they will release more Mario, Zelda, Metroid games . They are great games but more variety is always welcomed . But either way the future looks bright.

linkenski1409d ago

Oh, lol. I think I've seen you give that "CREATEive" speech like a hundred times on every Nintendo thread in N4G already, not to mention 4 or 5 PMs in my inbox for saying I think Nintendo should take more risks with their franchises.

its_JEFF1409d ago

Bayonetta isn't made by Nintendo.

quantae061409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

@its_JEFF But it's published by Nintendo, and Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive.

glennhkboy1409d ago

Bayonetta 2's sales figure is the most critical indicator on the future of WiiU. It show once and for all that whether WiiU customers will buy anything that is not Mario/Donky Kong/Link.

LOL_WUT1409d ago

I thought Nintendo didn't care about what the competition does? The western audience has different tastes than what he's used too. He needs to be more open minded when it comes to video games. ;)

Can we ban bullymangLer already?

Sideras1409d ago

Bloodborne, and the souls series overall is better than 90% of all games today. So yeah...

ChickeyCantor1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

"Can we ban bullymangLer already?"

LOL_WUT not understanding the sheer irony of his own comments.

How are you not banned LOL_WUT? Ask yourself that.

Also you forgot your obnoxious smiley face. Looks like you were serious this time which makes it even worse.

kakashi811409d ago

uhmmm... Bayonetta2 was the same as the original game that came out on the PS3 and 360 1st...smh

King_of_Nothing1409d ago

"will Uncharted 4, Halo 5, The Order: 1887, Gears of War IIII, the new Final Fantasy ps4, Bloodborne, Sunset Override, Rime, etc, God Of War IIII, will these PS4 and XB1 exclusives even cross the bar that Bayonetta 2 smeared all over their faces when it comes to creative challenge, outrageous Adult content, and hardCore gamePlay ?"

If you really need to ask whether Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, God of War, and Halo 5 will cross the bar that Bayonetta supposedly smeared, I'm not sure you can even be reasoned with.

The developers of those games you mentioned don't strive to reach other games quality, they're known for redefining the expectations of a genre entirely with new mechanics and visual quality that other developers begin utilizing going forward. Bayonetta is a great game, but not in the same league as those that you've mentioned.

mabreu1408d ago

Miyamoto is the godfather of Video Games. He got us out of the crash of '83. Unfortunately, he's getting old. The industry is growing fast and has already expanded further than his sphere of influence. Gamers are much more diverse than ever before.

I still respect Miyamoto's contribution to the gaming world but not as much as I did in the 1980's.

ShinMaster1408d ago

NewSMB (DS) -> NewSMB (Wii) -> NewSMB (3DS) -> NewSMB (Wii U)

^ That's a boring trend. Same recycled music and art direction.
Nintendo stopped trying.

jholden32491408d ago

It's not just Bayonetta 2. There's a grip of supremely excellent games on Wii U and 3DS that they can stand tall on. Games different than anything else out there. If you saw a screenshot of the average AAA title, or even a video clip with the character running around the city, you'd be hard pressed to tell which game it was. Human protagonist traversing the city with weapons, serious story and realistic visual style. Pretty much covers most of the AAA games out there.

But a screenshot of Pikmin 3? Wonderful 101? Zelda Windwaker? Mario Kart 8? DKC Tropical Freeze? You won't be confusing these games for anything else.

Not to say AAA games aren't fun or can't be great, but they definitely are losing their appeal to me, with the exception of games like Dragon Age or Final Fantasy 15

UltimateMaster1408d ago

"What the other consoles do is boring."
Boring? Really?

Because having an actual story, character development, story progression is boring?
Because there's none of that in the first party games on the Nintendo Wii U. Bayonetta 2 is second party exclusive.

Dull comes to mind when I think Mario games on Wii U.
Starts, go save the princess or someone, ends when you do so.

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Magicite1409d ago

Its funny how WiiU is gonna become next Dreamcast.

DarkOcelet1409d ago

I think it will be more like the next gamecube which is a shame because it was the best console nintendo ever did and had some of the best titles. I hope they make a Gamecube 2 that is on par with current gen console or the next gen consoles because it was awesome.

irishyort1409d ago

@DarkOcelet it cant be compared because people actually bought a Gamecube, lol

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1409d ago

yet you don't know why Dreamcast life was short.
Gamers these days uneducated.

badz1491409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )


they did make a DC2 which was the Wii, which was basically, 2GC put together but they casualized the hell of it.

Insulted the whole industry? yeah, while making a fool out of themselves in the process! in terms of getting with the time, they can't be even more backwards!

Alsybub1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Xbox was kind of the Dreamcast's spiritual successor. Simply because a lot of franchises from DC continued on it. Even Jet Set Radio was a launch title in the West.

Dreamcast's life was short because of two words "Emotion Engine". They said that the PS2 had emotion and that it was revolutionary compared to anything else that had gone before. I remember they even showed tech demos where characters' facial expressions changed and said that this was the Emotion Engine at work.

Here's a quote from the Wiki

"The center of Sony's marketing plan and the upcoming PlayStation 2 itself was a new CPU (clocked at about 300 MHz[10][94][95][96]) jointly developed by Sony and Toshiba—the "Emotion Engine"—which Kutaragi announced would feature a graphics processor with 1,000 times more bandwidth than contemporary PC graphics processors and a floating-point calculation performance of 6.2 gigaflops per second, rivaling most supercomputers" "Because it could connect to the Internet while playing movies, music, and video games, Sony hyped PlayStation 2 as the future of home entertainment.[101][102] Rumors emerged that the PlayStation 2 was a supercomputer capable of guiding missiles and displaying Toy Story-quality graphics, while Kutaragi boasted its online capabilities would give consumers the ability to "jack into 'The Matrix'!"[47][103][10 4][105][106] In addition, Sony emphasized that the PlayStation 2 would be backwards compatible with hundreds of popular PlayStation games.[5][100] Sony's specifications appeared to render the Dreamcast obsolete months before its U.S. launch"

You've got to hand it to Sony, their marketing and PR is very good. They said those two words at E3 a year before the PS2 came out and Dreamcast sales fell off a cliff shortly after. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything negative about the PS2 itself, but Sony managed to kill the competition a year before the PS2 came out with a press conference and smart PR and went on to dominate the entire generation. I think it may have turned out differently if it hadn't have been for that. PS2 still would have won the generation, there's no doubt about that, but we may still have had Sega producing hardware to this day.

jacksons981408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

The problem with Dreamcast is that Sega had to many failed products with too little support after the Genesis. The 32x had only a handful of games and flopped, the Sega CD same problem, then came Saturn. Finally Dreamcast came along and although a good system had poor game support, was expensive and everyone was a little scared of Sega. Too bad because I really loved Sega.
Also I don't think your post on PS2 is correct.. How is this " would give consumers the ability to "jack into 'The Matrix'!" When Matrix came out far after PS2?

BillytheBarbarian1408d ago

Alsybub, kind of way off. Dream a games looked better versus ps2. Code Veronica, Soul Calibur, and other multi plats were better on Dreamcast.

Ps2 won because it was at the forefront of DVD. Sega made the mistake of using compressed cd format, gd rom. It just couldn't compete with a console that was a DVD player and played madden. Sony won with DVD,EaSports exclusives, and GTA3 sealed Dreamcast's fate.

Sony just had great timing and made smart moves like locking down 3rd party and backwards compatibility.

Myze1408d ago


Not disagreeing with the other stuff, but The Matrix came out in March of 1999, and the PS2 was released in March of 2000 (in Japan, anyway).

cj1pate1011408d ago

It really is and all these kids are in denial.

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Neckbear1409d ago

It's like you've never played a Nintendo game in your life.

DarkOcelet1409d ago

I am sure every gamer in the world played a Mario game lols. And yes i played alot of their games.

Neckbear1409d ago


Then you'd probably realize how much most of their games change with subsequent iterations.

Super Mario 64 is not the same as Mario Sunshine, which isn't the same as Galaxy nor is Galaxy anything like 3D World.

This applies with almost all of their franchises.

DoctorJones1409d ago

'It is funny how he says games looks boring when their games have barely changed in 20 years :/ . '

Probably one of the most ignorant comments I've ever read.

cj1pate1011408d ago

New Nintendo doesn't compare to old nintendo so your comment = void.

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Dan_scruggs1409d ago

It is funny how he says games looks boring when their games have barely changed in 20 years :/ .

Goes out and buys Assassins Creed 15 and Call of Duty 27 (or whatever number those games are on).

dcj05241409d ago

Uhhhh, bro super mario bros 3 is not the same as Mario 64 or Super Smash Bros

MarkusMcNugen1409d ago

Depends on the game. Mario Kart hasn't really changed at all. F-Zero was the same game for 15 years. Portable versions of their games are pretty much exactly the same that they were 20 years ago.

Gh05t1408d ago

Goes out and buys Pokemon: Rainbow Sunshine Sparkle and Harvest Moon: My Sisters Baby Farm

shaw981409d ago

Are you kidding me? Just compare 3d world to galaxy. Galaxy to sunshine, sunshine to 64. You would have to be blind to say those games are the same game. Skyward sword to twilight princess? Twilight princess to wind waker? I honestly do not know what you are talking about when you are calling them all the same games. Simply because they are the same franchises? You don't even own a wii u let alone any other Nintendo platform do you?

Moonman1409d ago

Don't try and explain the truth to people who are just happy to ignore it for fanboyish reasons. Miyamoto is not insulting the "entire industry". The ones he really insulted deserve to be insulted. Get more

Angeljuice1409d ago

" Are you kidding me? Just compare 3d world to galaxy. Galaxy to sunshine, sunshine to 64. You would have to be blind to say those games are the same game."

Well if that's the case why do they feel the need to put Mario in all those titles? Are the games not strong enough to stand on their own?
Nintendo put Mario in games as way of selling that game to a larger audience than it deserves. Why can't Nintendo produce a racing game/platformer/RPG or whatever that doesn't need Mario or Link to sell it?
Why can't Nintendo come up with new characters that are strong enough to still be around in a few years?

inStereo1408d ago

Would you go see a James Bond movie if James Bond were suddenly replaced by Rupert Pumperdinkel?

JacketsNest1011407d ago


Because he's their mascot. Mario is the face of Nintendo, and the more he is involved in the marketing, the more copies they will sell. That's like asking Ubisoft to change the Assassin Logo for their next game. It's an icon of the company, and last I checked Mario is a character who is present in multiple IP's.

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deafdani1409d ago

Actually, Bayonetta 2 has arguably better graphics than God of War 3. And I say this as a pretty big God of War fan (played them all).

God of War 3 and Ascension are easily the best looking games in the PS3, followed very closely by The Last of Us. However, Bayonetta 2 looks and performs just as good, if not better. The amount of detail and stuff happening on screen in Bayonetta 2 is insane, and it does it with a pretty smooth framerate all the time. It's quite impressive on a technical level.

But that was not really Miyamoto's point.

Concertoine1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

They are the ones that need timely releases to sell their platform yet ironically they're the only ones taking the time to release complete, functional products. That simply cannot be denied. But people will jeer "mario and zelda" until the sun goes down and they play their half-baked AC 8 or peer-to-peer COD 15 (or whatever it is), or wait an indefinite amount of time for games to be released with the quality they should have at launch. Took a year for BF3. The alternative is paying 60 dollara for the same games you payed 60 dollars last year for.

I think overusr of IP's is a bad thing from any company, but at least Nintendo has an actual evolution of design over the years and quality products.

ritsuka6661409d ago

The game is fun but in terms of story or graphics , its doesnt come near games like say for instance God of War 3 ''

Really funny statement coming from a user of avatar evil witinh. lol

Azzanation1409d ago

Nintendo change the style of there games all the time. If you think Mario 64 is the same as Mario Galaxy etc your delusional.

jcnba281408d ago

It is funny how he says games looks boring when their games have barely changed in 20 years :/ .

Oh really? I beg to differ.

tlougotg1408d ago

Ironic which is the same reason i stay awy from Nintendo games lol Same bs and they still stuck in Super Nes days. They think cute art style and colors will cover up their hardware deficiencies but more informed gamers know the deal. Good example Zelda tech demo was more realistic approach and i was hype but them they come and make the new Zelda a colorful kiddy wonderland, we all know why they do it. They do it because hardware sucks and thats the only way they are going to pull off a good looking game by not going realistic or taxing the hardware. Sorry man my time with Mario, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Smash, etc been passed and your games are borefests for me now with no interest. Step up your hardware, your archaic online, your slow os, your software, etc... then we will talk bcus your not fooling anyone.

Justindark1408d ago

that was a lame statement... who the heck cares if it does not look real i live in real life so i kinda wana play a game that is of another world and art uno games are art right?

JacketsNest1011407d ago

Was that sarcasm? Cause if it was you forgot the tag.

kwandar1408d ago

You clearly haven't played their games and are making the "assumption" that because the characters are the same, the games are the same (or similar). Just not true.

garrettbobbyferguson1408d ago

And yet, the competition is more stagnant. We have the exact same games we have had for the past 10 years, but with updated graphics. Nothing else.

DarXyde1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

"Barely changed"?

Look at the past three generations. Look at big franchises across all platforms. Which ones consistently reinvented their games with similar core mechanics, but very different ways to play or concepts? That would be Nintendo's.

What's so incredibly different about the Halo games? Mass Effect? Uncharted? Assassin's Creed? The list goes on, but not much. Mario 64? Sunshine? Galaxy? Ocarina vs Windwaker vs Twilight princess vs Skyward Sword? Very different animals.

I get that it's apparently cool to hate Nintendo, but their games do so much more to be different with old favorites as well as new IPs over the years (like Pikmin and Animal Crossing).

Other companies can do whatever they like and in some cases it's great, but to say Nintendo games have barely changed, I couldn't disagree more. They even avoided making a new F-Zero because they said they couldn't come up with anything new.

People will disagree, but whatever. The proof is in the games. I'm mostly a PlayStation gamer, but credit where it's due to Nintendo. Most gamers on this site are probably too young to see where Nintendo was or appreciate how inventive their games have always been. As I always say, if you're looking to be won over in terms of visuals or story, Sony and Microsoft are your guys. If you want gameplay and longevity, I'd go Nintendo.

deafdani1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Well said bubble to you, sir. Your feelings are exactly the same as mine, word for word (though I'm mostly a Nintendo gamer, but I still love the Playstation brand).

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Big_Game_Hunters1409d ago

Good, the industry is a joke right now and deserves it.

R00bot1409d ago

I agree. Games today sell on hype rather than actual content or fun.

Kevlar0091409d ago

A lot of them are fun, but many third parties can seem to help themselves from smearing brown over them through incomplete games, downgrades, and unplayable features (or the game itself).

Ark_1408d ago

All agreeable agrees;
there is a button, though ;)

Imalwaysright1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Indeed. This generation is set to be even worse than last gen. In just 2 or 3 months we had driveclub which is probably the worst launch in gaming history, MCC with broken online and just yesterday Unity which is another broken mess. Every gamer should join Miyamoto and insult the entire industry and more importantly speak with their wallets.

Angeljuice1409d ago

"In just 2 or 3 months we had driveclub which is probably the worst launch in gaming history"

It's not even close, that is such a blatantly stupid comment and shows you have little to no knowledge of what you're talking about.

Off the top of my head I could give you a list of fifty titles that had a worse launch, with a little research I'm sure that list would grow to the hundreds ( by whatever means you choose to measure).

You're simply jumping on the bandwagon of negativity, but it's trendy to be anti-DriveClub no matter how good it is, so I guess you're just an "uber-cool hipster" or something equally worthless.

asmith23061408d ago

"we had driveclub which is probably the worst launch in gaming history" - I would give that award to BF4 personally.

kwandar1408d ago

Unfortunately I am stuck with a Wii U. I can't insult them as their games are all great (check Metacritic) and there are so many great games now that I don't know what to buy next.

I haven't finished Bayonetta 2 (or the fixed 1), havent finished Earthbound, Haven't completed MarioCart 8 and there is already more DLC and now have to deal with Smash Bros and Captain Toad coming out.

Seriously, there aren't enough hours in the day, when I work and have a life outside gaming :(