The HD Version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas May Be Set For PS Vita Release

Rockstar Games is acting weird recently. They removed their GTA San Andreas listing from the Xbox Live Marketplace, and then they replace it with the new GTA San Andreas HD, which apparently features lots of improvements from the original game, including improved HD graphics as well as achievements to let you know about your progress within the game.

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Massacred1408d ago

Keep the PS2 classic version on PSN. Nice to have a place where the ulatlered orginal can be grabbed.

That being said a Vita Port of the iOS version would be awesome.

Phoenix761407d ago

Need this ported over. Come on R*, your loyal fans need this to happen.

bouzebbal1407d ago

PS2Store and backwards compatibility has always been a highly wished feature on PS3. It's too bad they haven't released all the big titles on it to really take true advantage of it, or at least have a big library of games and include a PS2 game for free on PS+ every month from a selected list.

3-4-51407d ago

Vita needs this.......It would actually sell pretty good.

HentaiMasterRace1407d ago

I don't think a port of San Andreas will make Vita sell that good, an original GTA that's built exclusively for Vita would though.

Scatpants1407d ago

That would be great. Another fun game for my Vita.


The hd version of this on Xbox live have TONS of bugs and studering FYI

Adolph Fitler1407d ago

They should do a HD collection of all the PS2/Xbox era games... All 3, plus the PSP & such versions redone for PS4 & XBOne.

GdaTyler1407d ago

Though I would love for this to happen, there seems to be widespread hate for Vita among developers outside of Japan, so I wouldn't count on it.

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