Suzuki: SEGA Isn't A Problem For Shenmue III, Budget Is; Story Wouldn't End There Anyway

Yu Suzuki said that SEGA isn't an obstacle to Shenmue III and it's all about gathering the budget. Don't expect the storyline to end with the game, though.

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Imp0ssibl31407d ago

Just get it on Kickstarter, I bet some folks would pay $1000 and upwards for it

micx1407d ago

Kickstarter is a good way to see if there is any interest. Not only that, but it may encouarge the publishers to chip in a bit more.

Kurylo3d1407d ago

I think the problem is what happens if the kickstarter fails and has little interest. Then future publishers wont even give it a chance.

darthv721407d ago

So what exactly is holding back companies like MS or Sony from infusing the development team with a sizable donation?

Both of those companies know there is a demand out there for a proper Shenmue 3 game. Xbox got Shenmue 2 but that does not automatically mean the xbox would get shenmue 3.

sony could get the game but then again they already have the Yakuza series (its not the same) so it seems likely that it would at least come to xbox.

MS just invested in Mojang so that was a huge purchase that would make something like a $30+ mil investment hard to justify. but if they want games people are interested in...Shenmue 3 is one such beast that needs to be made.

If Sega is wondering about any other ideas of games to about a remake of Shining Force 3. All 3 scenarios (not just the 1st released in the US) that were released in JP with all remastered visuals and enhanced audio and story elements.


Exactly! This game would probably break records on kickstarter, its the game everybody wants

Alexious1407d ago

I hope they give it a try sooner rather than later. Not to mention that there hasn't been a huge crowdfunding campaign in a long time, now pockets are ready.

3-4-51406d ago

Shenmue 1 & 2HD remake followed by Shenmue 3.

Do it !

Festano1407d ago

If you realize it would be a dream.

Alexious1407d ago

I really hope this doesn't remain a dream.

tinynuggins1407d ago

How much do you think he needs considering back then Shenmue cost 70 million to make?

Alexious1407d ago

Quite evidently that budget was mishandled. Moreover, tools are much cheaper these days.

I'd say a worthy Shenmue III could be made with 15-20 millions.

tinynuggins1407d ago

If it's just about money why hasn't MS stepped in and funded it. 20 million is nothing for them. I think if we do see a shenmue 3 it will be at the VERY end of this consoles lifecycle.

karamsoul1407d ago

This game seriously needs to come out. I'm jonesing something fierce. :)

Tankbusta401407d ago

Money shouldn't matter if they do it right...their return on investment would be staggering

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