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Sam Foxall from VGU: 'We finally got our hands on the full version of Tales of Hearts R and we are ready to see if the full game creates a greater impression than the preview did. Is it going to be a tale to remember or is it a heartbreaker?'

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goku1373d ago

I am enjoying it so far it's much better then a 5.5 in my opinion.

user55757081373d ago

i don't think the reviewer knows that it was a psp remaster. the game looks great overall i just wish they had some english voice acting

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1370d ago

ds remaster on the vita actually. There was never a PSP version.

belac091373d ago

i would give it an 8, i am having so much fun with it. this review is not the review of a jrpg fan. and if it is, they must be under 25 years old.

Scatpants1373d ago

I'm only a couple hours in, but it seems far better than a 5.5. I'd give it at least an 8.

TheGamez1001373d ago

Id say 7 at worst, but this game is a 9/10 for me right now. About 7 hrs in and loving it.