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Continue Play's Taylor Hidalgo found Freedom Wars is a beautiful, amazing game whose gripping action and well-built atmosphere make it a must-play for Vita owners.

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Scatpants1347d ago

I tried to like this game, but it's just not my style. Everything just feels like a chore.

Inception1347d ago

Still stuck on the last boss. Gonna try it again this night with different team and hopefully i can beat that giant abductor!

Anyway, nice review. The reviewer put a lot of info why Freedom Wars is a great game and had potential to be a series. Personally, if there's a sequel than i want more customization for weapons and factory. Also, maybe we can build our own abductor and customize it like we build Metal Gear in MGS: Peace Walker. A co-op / MP mode where abductor vs abductor would be cool!

Ultr1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

I'm not done yet with the game, but i'd like better gameplay, they should take a look at soul sacrifice/monsterHunter and S4League. Combine them and make the greatest game in a hunter's history

They nailed down the humour perfecty though

Inception1347d ago

Well, imho they already took a lot of hint from other hunting games like MH, Soul Sacrifice, God Eater, etc and they created gameplay that made Freedom Wars a bit unique, such as:

- The abductor and the captured civilians.
- You can beat the abductor by tear it part by part or drag it down with other party member. The abductor parts also important to build weapons / items.
- The thorn / Ibara (reminds me a bit of Bionic Commando) that can reach high places or use to it attack, heal, or defend yourself / your party.

The next thing that Sony / Dimps / Shift must do with the sequel are improve those gameplay (maybe add more variaton of how to take down the abductor, new civillian / abductor / thorn type, etc) along with new co-op / MP mode (abductor vs abductor thing) and better story. Imho, the story is enjoyable but i felt there's more potential that they can do with it.

paul-p19881347d ago

I love the thorn mechanic in this game, quite a few times I've completed the mission inside the 'con against 'that lion-like abductor' (can't remember the name lol) whilst hanging from the wall and shooting it with an assault rifle whilst it tries in vain to hit me hahaha