PS4 Destiny Bundle $400, Wii U Mario Bundle $260, Select PS4 Games at $40 Before Black Friday

Techtorial: Newegg, Best Buy and AntOnline are now selling PS4 Destiny Bundle, Wii U Super Mario 3D World bundle and select video games for new-gen and last-gen platforms with deep discounts on eBay.

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darthv721371d ago

Sony paid allot of $ to market Destiny. so it's only obvious they will try and push that game/system/bundle as much as they can. they need to make back as much as possible.

user55757081371d ago

look at the ebay most recent sales of the ps4 and WiiU. some people bought 5 of each console.

Jaqen_Hghar1371d ago

It's already the most wonderful time of the year for gamers :)

kreate1371d ago

This year black friday kinda sucks.

Beast1041371d ago

Black is gonna suck guys no good things.

Jag-T10001371d ago

Destiny needs to be $30 or less! They still think it's gonna sell more? Every ad has it for $35 or more. I guess I'll wait longer before I get it then.