New Battlefield Hardline Singleplayer Gameplay - Matimi0

Matimi0 was flown out by EA to play the new Battlefield Hardline Singleplayer. First Impressions and footage of 2 levels from the Battlefield Hardline campaign.

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Feralkitsune1405d ago

Wow, this looks as bad as I imagined it would.

GrimbleGromble1405d ago

<I>"Agree" this alpha looks as bad as I imagined the final product will!

bouzebbal1405d ago

Visceral PLEAAAAASE stop this and give us a next gen Dead Space instead!

Detoxx1405d ago

It's still in alpha.

And Battlefield is all about the multiplayer anyway, which will be great by launch.

Feralkitsune1404d ago

Honestly, why buy this? Have you guys not learned yet?

angelsx1405d ago

I didn't like the multiplayer and who play battlefield for the singleplayer?So definitely NO