GTA Online Registered 2.3 Billion Hours, Almost 4 Million Crews

GTA Online has registered some incredible numbers already, as shared just now by Rockstar Games, and it's not even out on PS4, XB1 & PC yet.

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Imp0ssibl31255d ago

Wow, that is a lot. I only played at launch and it wasn't that great, but I bet it's improved a lot since.

TXIDarkAvenger1255d ago

It has. Played it again since launch and its a lot better. Lot's of free content keeping it fresh and rarely disconnect from online sessions.

sabestar1255d ago

"33.8 million online players"
Didn't the game sell 34 million copies or so? So practically everyone hopped online at some point, that's very impressive.

TheUberAsian1255d ago

Why can't it be Tuesday already?

extravalue1255d ago

tuesday passed 2 days ago :P

TheUberAsian1255d ago

HA... HA... I meant the 18th lol