Battlefield Hardline: watch 7 minutes of new single-player action

Our Battlefield expert Westie recently got the chance to play through two missions from the single player campaign.

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OculusRift1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

No offense, but YAAWWN. Whats this game really offering? It looks just like Battlefield minus the military theme. I don't see any reason why anyone actually pick this game up full price. It seems like they're trying to generate sales just based off of the battlefield title in the name.. It looks like it was supposed to be like Battlefield three or four DLC, but they pulled the Saints Row and made what was supposed to be DLC a "full game". This game has no identity.. No thanks...

Xsilver1407d ago

"This game has no identity.. No thanks..."
clearly the identity is Battlefield :D

OculusRift1407d ago

That's not what I meant.

venom061407d ago

spoken like someone clearly clueless... AND THAT THIS IS BATTLEFIELD DLC TALK IS SERIOUSLY OLD AND PLAYED OUT.. time to come up with some other stupid and non-thought out response to Hardline. It does look fun and Westie brought up some good points concerning what he experienced... Can't wait for this one especially the MP

OculusRift1407d ago

Right, because having an opinion that differs is wrong. You're right, I'm clueless and didn't come up with what I wrote above and I'm just following everyone else. Please, tell me more since you know me so well. The game looks like DLC to ME and DOESNT SEEM WORTH THE PRICE THEYRE ASKING FOR.

nucky641407d ago

maybe for you, oculus - but I'm into the cops n'robbers setting. I've never owned a battlefield game and had no desire to purchase one....until hardline.
i'll be getting hardline for sure - it looks like fun.

BlissSeeker1407d ago

Love Visceral games. Will be picking this up!
That is, as long as the online is not plagued from the issues of BF4.

Phene1407d ago

I bought advanced warfare....this can't be worst. Sigh. I'm so disappointed in myself.

Scar-1407d ago

Why??? I mean seriously dice sucks at SP. The only good SP games they ever made where the Bad company titles and that was because of the chemistry and comedy among the cast. It seems like there just wasting money at this point trying.

one2thr1407d ago

But the developers of the DeadSpace series are the ones creating this game and its story.

Catdawgg1407d ago

Except dice isnt making the single player. Visceral is. Dice is making the mp

Scar-1407d ago

Okay and it honestly still looks like trash. I would rather have offline bots like the old days instead of some crappy sp campaign that I will forget after one play through.