Review: The Evil Within Is Horrible [EGMR]

EGMR writes: "The Evil Within ultimately doesn't know what it wants to be, is hard to take seriously and is deeply flawed mechanically. What should be a tense and frightful experience unfortunately translates to an excruciatingly frustrating affair that largely feels unnecessarily painful. Its critical flaws prevent it from being compelling in any form, and eventually from actually being entertaining. I'm crazy about horror, but The Evil Within mostly served to just drive me crazy."

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SCW19821411d ago

Another site I know not to visit. Technical issues aside the game was a masterpiece.

DarkOcelet1411d ago

I often wonder if he played the same game i played. Its been a while since i played a game 5 times in a row and loved every bit of it. And he talks about how Alien Isolation was challenging in hard? Really! I mean Survival mode was harder in TEW . If you really wanted a challenge, you should try Akumu mode. Sigh.

skwidd1411d ago

Game of the year for me and I've played'em all.

Matt6661411d ago

not really the game taken a lot from RE4 and that's disappointing

Blastoise1411d ago

This game lost my interest when they announced a season pass

Hoffmann1411d ago

There are a lot of bad video game websites online today.

LoveSpuds1411d ago

I value my own opinion much more than this wanna be, second rate reviewer.

The game has one or two issues but was a bloomin cracker overall, I would urge people to discount this guys opinion and make your own mind up, just like the thousands of others who played and enjoyed the game.

ritsuka6661411d ago

I have agree with this one.The Evil Within didn't scare me not once if that is indeed what it was trying to do. Disapointg game 2014.

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The story is too old to be commented.